Janice B Gordon Purpose and Authenticity
Purpose, like authenticity is a word thrown around a lot in a business context and it is becoming more important to business people, including me. Living purposefully is being knowing and living your true self, telling your story and […]
Janice B Gordon Trigger of Value Creation
In a selling scenario price is never the problem if you find your customer triggers of value. The challenge is not to communicate value, but to calculate it. You make decision based on value in your personal life all […]
Janice B Gordon Mobile Homework
  Although it is -2 degree outside, I am loving being in my London home-work office and not having to negotiate the icy streets and rush hour commute. Having returned to my home-work office after 4 weeks working […]
Janice B Gordon Africolette Environmental Impact
Africolette is a clothing collection that celebrates the confluence of African flair with European tailored styling that says confident unorthodox feminine style. The outfits are designed to be worn as one piece or mixed and matched with a […]
Janice B Gordon Solitude
Solitude is good for you; it is good to connect with other people, however, it is important to connect with yourself. Solitude is not being lonely, it is being alone with yourself and your thoughts; it is creating […]
What is Your Value Janice B Gordon
What is Your Value? So often, we value ourselves less than we value other people. You may feel other people do not value you enough. The problem is if I am to value myself by other people’s standards […]
What you do today Janice B Gordon
I find businesses that have a good social cause and a weak business model, which means their ability to continue the efforts of the organisation, is limited. However, there can be real advantages of being driven by a […]
Janice B Gordon in Gele in Africolette
(sorry the video is a bit dark but content and sound good) I meet business owners that have five businesses, five customer groups and five products or services so it is difficult for business owners to focus on […]
Janice B Gordon What's Your Legacy
I am feeling the sudden loss of a much admired and loved younger brother. I had a panic attack because I could not find a picture of him on my computer and have a task to rummage through […]
Take Responsibility & Grow Janice B Gordon
  Do you take Responsibility for Your Choices? Some people abdicate choosing to other people, for fear of getting it wrong. It’s easy to blame others for your circumstances especially if you choose not to choose, but not […]