Janice B Gordon Purpose and Authenticity

Purpose, like authenticity is a word thrown around a lot in a business context and it is becoming more important to business people, including me.

Living purposefully is being knowing and living your true self, telling your story and treading your own path fulfilling your mission or message while serving a focused audience that is drawn to what makes you uniquely you.  Being yourself is the easiest thing you can do, right? And living purposefully is just what you do, right? Sadly that’s not always true.

We are all conditioned, from an early age, to be something other than you!  We are taught to keep quiet, not to show off or to stand out and not to dream big dreams. Having a purpose is expressing your dreams out loud and living your dream with clarity and focus. To do this your personal life and business life are one.  If you are separating who you are from what you do and how you do it, you are not being yourself in your work.

Maintaining professionalism is not committing a personality lobotomy.

It is up to you to define your purpose and craft that into a narrative that embodies your personality, your values and then gets wrapped around your business to become your brand and the cornerstone of your entire life’s message. It’s about merging your unique gifts, your reason why and your core values with your journey and taking honest and open, focused steps.  By using your unique mix of life experience that only you have, move towards providing things that really matter to you and your audience.

Because, living someone else’s purpose will not cut it in the authentic purpose stakes.  Living purposefully is not about applying values and behaviours that you see elsewhere to what you do. It’s about realising your own core values and unique perspective and talents, and delivering a focused mission or message to your niche audience to make your impact and difference.

Being yourself can be scary, it is natural to feel exposed and vulnerable.

  • What if people don’t like it?
  • What if people do not like me?
  • What if people stop following me?

Do you know what I say – Who cares!

We are lucky enough to live in a world where the world really is your oyster! You do not have to travel to access your global niche market. Your job is not to appeal to everyone; everyone is not your audience!  Your mission is to nurture your niche tribe of supporters wherever they may be in the world, because you won’t align with everyone and yes, some people simply won’t like you, and that is OK!

The point is that having a clear focus, you will build your own tribe and those that don’t like you simply won’t follow you. The tribe that you build will be in it for what you uniquely offer, so long as you stay true to your clearly defined purpose.

You are uniquely you, and this is amazing, so you do not have to:

  1. Post a curated version of personal brand on social media.
  2. Be what you perceive other people want you to be.
  3. Copying traits of those you follow.
  4. Do anything out of your true character or that feels wrong.
  5. Compare yourself to other people.

Trust your intuitive instincts to follow your own purposeful path.  Living purposefully is being authentic harnessing your unique personality, communicating and delivering your mission or message in a way that comes naturally to you. Being authentic must be your default, and the only thing that you work on is remaining confident and consistent to your purpose, living purposefully.

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