The Purpose of Life - Janice B Gordon


“The purpose of life is to discover your gift; the work of life is to develop it; and the meaning of life is to give your gift away” said David Viscott.

I paused to contemplate the relevance of Viscott’s quote to my purposeful meaningful contribution.

We are constantly evolving, finding relevance and meaning to live a life aligned to what is important to us. However, if this is not your benchmark you are missing the point of discovering your unique gift.  As you receive more information (like this quote) and gain more experience it changes your perspective and redefines your purposeful path.

Therefore the finding and being is one!

I was in conversion with a colleague on Facebook sparked from my LIVE session and Q&A, Joanna Oliver said “sometimes purpose can be seen as a destination and the value of the journey/process/learning is lot or dismissed.” I would agree that purpose is not a destination but the life you ­choose to live.  Awareness is an important part of this, if you are not aware of your unique gifts you may believe you have nothing to share (give) and you will not look for your meaning (of life) in which to share your unique gifts with the world.

I want to share (did you see what I did there?) six commitments that you can make to yourself. Why? Because you choose the life you have.

These 6 commitments will enable the process of congruence with your purposeful life.

  1. Live your purpose: You must know that our presence in this life is important, that you have a unique purpose and perspective which is the truth of who we are. Your best self and your purposeful intentions in life. Your purpose is your authentic path, to being the best that you are here to be.
  2. Know your purpose: Know your unique gifts or talents, your perspective and personality. You are different for a good reason. I have a specific system for this.
  3. Make your difference:You have a unique contribution to share that will make your community a better place. Your genuine efforts to service to your community is all that is needed from you. Knowing that failures are simply opportunities for learning and testing to see new paths to tread releases the fear.
  4. Love your tribe:Your community matters and your relationships with others offer opportunities to make your difference. Your relationships must be meaningful and nurtured with non-judgement so you can make a meaningful contribution.
  5. Learn from others:Love enables you to see beyond your differences and embrace the opportunities in the things that unite you to learn from other people. You have gifts to give, the potential to make a difference in the way you live your life. Your potential will be released simply by ‘showing up’ as who you truly are and not as whom you think you need to be. It is your authentic presence in life that will release the unique gifts you have to give away.
  6. Trust in yourself:You must invest in yourself, your health and wellbeing. This is listening to your intuition, mind and body; attending to your physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing, as this is your enabler to living your purposeful life.

These are the six commitments that enable you to be a congruent person living your purposeful life. For more about living a purposeful life download FREE eBook Reveals the Truth…Overcome Fear, Find Your Personal Path and Discover How to Live Your Dreams – read The Impact of Purpose

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