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Strategy Day


The Intensive Strategy Day is for decision-makers who want a focused session where you can ask me anything and get the detailed answers you want and need. This personalised business support will give you greater clarity, a detailed process review and customer growth strategies relevant to your business and your most valued customers.

Your Intensive Strategy Day is focused entirely on you, your business and what you want for your customers.


  • Full working day in a five-star environment, including gourmet lunch and beverages.
  • Experience the freedom to ask any question and get Janice’s expert view tailored to you and your business needs.
  • Receive expert guidance and tailored strategies to grow your business and a record of our discussions.
  • Enjoy one, one-hour follow-up Skype mentoring session and on-going email support for four weeks.

I guarantee you will feel energised and confident about your business direction, with an action plan that will help you get on your path.


Why not start with an initial consultation to discuss your needs?