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What our clients say about The Problem Solver

The Problem Solver helped me to develop a strategy to secure and maintain b2b customers. I now have a segmented plan of my client profiles and ways to secure and retain more valued clients. In the short time working with her company I have secured two new corporate clients. Thank you, Janice, for giving clarity and focus to my accountancy practice that was established in 1986.

Andrew McDermott, Director Nilebond Ltd (Accountants) - February 2015

I have heard very positive feedback about Janice’s 2 day KAM training for the ELT Global Sales team. First of all, thank very much for your time, knowledge-share and enthusiasm, all of which engaged the participants from whom we are expecting stellar results!.
Janet Batson
Learning & Development Consultant
Cambridge University Press
(Client of Cranfield School of Management)

Janet Batson - Cambridge University Press, September 2014

Janice was the keynote speaker at the E-beeze 2013 annual conference and she gave a very inspiring and captivating presentation. Janice provided valuable strategic direction and customer focus insights; her consultation enabled us to focus on the most effective projects that takes advantage of our strengths and the opportunities in the companies particular transition to growth phase. Janice also provided practical help in structuring and contributing to the creation of the company brochure”

Leke Babalola, www.e-beeze.co.uk - October 2013

I was genuinely inspired by Janice and her business acumen. She was able to offer some fantastic insights on how to create a more robust framework upon which to grow our business. I took away some compelling ideas and thoughts that could be applied to what I do. I would recommend Janice to any business needing assistance with some strategic thinking – if she were able to digest and offer insight into my company after a few minutes. I should also add a lovely, personable individual too!

Jovan Maric , www.squaredaisy.com - February 2013