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Problem Solver Mentoring Programmes
  • Why not start with an initial consultation to establish your needs?
  • Or if you want quick fire but solid advice session then a Get It Sorted session might be right for you.
  • The Problem Solver Mentoring Programmes range from one day to a minimum of five months transforming and developing your mind-set, your business and your customers. These programmes are for ambitious, motivated, established business entrepreneurs. You will receive personalised, business support – to give you greater clarity, more effective and efficient processes and growth strategies relevant to your business and your customer segment.

    This is transformational Business Alignment

    Business Alignment by the Problem Solver Janice B Gordon

    We understand what it is like to run a business having started, employed staff and grown businesses myself, so you will get real business wisdom, insight and expertise.

    The ultimate aim of these programme is to inspire and motivate your thinking into immediate and positive action – the kind of action that will make the difference in your business. My approach is challenging but pragmatic, realistic and results focused. Our work is strictly confidential and we follow the SFEDI Code of Conduct.

    Following an initial consultation to establish your particular challenge and outline any constraints and desired outcomes; we agree on the level of your commitment needed to achieve your goal and select the appropriate programme.