Business Growth Creator Cultural Nuances joel-fulgencio-hUweORMpTTs-unsplash 1
With so much information available online, people easily assume that they have a good knowledge of a specific culture or country, forgetting that culture is a broad concept with many mysteries and unknowns. Moreover, in this digital world, […]
Janice B Gordon SEO for Google first page
Companies with websites on Google’s first page, earn a massive 275% increase in their ROI. However, if your website is on page two or page “nowhere”, it is as if you are not in the market at all. […]
Janice B Gordon Tailoring to Embrace Social Technological Change
  Let’s talk about what’s affecting your customer sales. What about ‘fully driverless cars’ – what else will be automated? And what is all this about the CLOUD, what difference will it make to your business?’ What! 73% […]
anice B Gordon Marathon Motivation to Scale Your Sales
We are competing every day, working hard for our success and personal satisfaction; what do strategic sells have to do with running a marathon? Strategic selling involves your ability to communicate your unique value and competitive advantage to […]
12 Social Selling Strategies - Janice B Gordon
In this digital age, social media marketing has become indispensable for many businesses in competitive markets creating brand awareness. When it comes to building relationships, brand recognition is a prerequisite for attracting customers. Social media can effectively build […]
Sales Purpose Over Profit - Janice B Gordon
“Sales is not a department it is an outcome of all the departments, all functions, all teams and individuals.” Research shows that low engagement across organisations has a significant adverse impact on productivity and satisfaction within the organisation […]
Janice B Gordon Sales Motivation and Compensation
What demotivates sales reps? Money! Sure, you might think money is the very thing that motivates sales reps! Let me explain. Sales reps are not all cut from the same cloth. Like buyers, they have different preferences, communication […]