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Janice B Gordon Success what does it mean to you

Why Define What Success Means to You!


Somehow, we have lost touch with the true meaning of success.  It is not the latest model, tech or gadget, money or wealth. The definition of success is “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”.

Have you ever achieved immense success in your accomplishments and felt emotionally flat and dissatisfied? I know I have!

We are driven to pursue the trapping of success only to find that, obtaining the success goal did not make us feel better.

This is because of the way we define success. What it means to be successful is highly influenced by other people’s perception of success. Many of your aspirations may not be your own.

The problem lies in the way we define success.

Of course, it is not unreasonable to measure yourself against others, if you believe you are a carbon copy and in the same race. Two people sharing the same experience will have different interpretation with the same information. Even identical twins have uniquely different DNA. Given that no one person is the same as any other, it is literally impossible to run the same race. Many of the ideas that we have of what it means to be success are not our own.

Teddy Roosevelt quote, “Comparison is the thief of joy,” and it is true! If you compare what other people have, you will never appreciate what you already possess,

You will not be happy because someone always has more, there is always something better.

If you do not define your personal definition of success you may continue in a race someone else’s race. If you define what success means to you first it will save you time, money and anxiety later.

It is time to redefine what success means to you!

It is so easy to get on a path and run a race that is unfulfilling and then resent what other people have believing it is somehow better. If you defined your terms of success then you might find that what you thought was so much better, is not what you wanted at all!

To defining what success means to you must first:

  1. Identify your core values
  2. Understand what matters to you most.
  3. Recognise and celebrate your achievements that are meaning to you, no matter how small.

From the three strategies, you can create our own definition of what you want your success to look like, this is your definition of success.

If you really want to be successful, start by defining what that is!

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