Janice B Gordon Goliath


  People have grown tired of surprises and want to exist in a transparent world. Command and control no longer works – the internet, Google, Wikipedia and hackers have all blown open the systems to impose control over […]
Janice B Gordon Purpose
There are two problems with not discovering your purpose. You take on other people dreams, the dreams of your parents, your partners or your friends, you don’t realise that you are dreaming somebody else’s dreams. You are lured […]
Janice B Gordon Untold Potential
“The limit is not in the sky. The limit is the mind.” Unknown We are so busy trying to reach specific milestones and impress other people that we can lose sight of what we want, who we are, […]
  After 25 years’ experience of working with business owners, directors, managers, consultants and sales professionals. I have learnt that what and how you think directly feeds your actions and behaviour. Mastering your actions to starve your distractions […]
You may have a good understanding of your subject area and be expanding your knowledge every day, but how do you develop your authority and expert status? The first thing to note is that: experts with an authority […]
You may think your ‘gut’ intuition is not to be trust, that it is not a professional method of decision-making or has no evidence grounding. One of my most costly mistakes can be correlated to not listening to my […]
  Finding your uniqueness and the difference in you, is critical to your progress and growth. Your Uniqueness As Gabrielle Bernstein says “Don’t dance around the perimeter of the person you want to be.” So often we compare […]
Janice B Gordon with her Father Cecil
  At the age of 45, my father was made redundant from Dunlop (tyre factory), his was getting a divorce, his idealistic ambitions of his five children coming to the family home and parking their cars on the […]
Janice B Gordon Lead a Purposeful Life
Your business must work towards making a purposeful meaningful contribution?  Peter Firth said “Today Brands cannot just sell things, they must stand for something” In this highly globalised world we face many challenges, with these challenges comes responsibility.  […]
Janice B Gordon Nemesis of Strategic Goals
Strategic goal planning is a deliberate long range plan for the purpose of achieving your desires. Depending on the study you reference only 3% to 13% of companies successfully execute their strategies. Most strategic plans fail not in […]