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Your business must work towards making a purposeful meaningful contribution?  Peter Firth said “Today Brands cannot just sell things, they must stand for something”

In this highly globalised world we face many challenges, with these challenges comes responsibility.  The marketplace is now being defined by millennials and the generation Z who want brands to be socially responsible, brands must now shift from being companies with a mission to being missions with a company.

Purposeful and meaningful work is becoming more important worldwide. Bill George of Harvard Business School said at The World Economic Forum, in Davos “The key challenge for business is how do we get more purpose-driven leaders that realise they are there to make a difference in the world”

72% of Youth Speak‘s 25,000 youth respondents across over 100 countries believe that it is important for companies to positively impact society. Although the definition of “positive impact” varies, data shows that millennials demands companies make a meaningful contribution to society and not solely generate profit without purpose. The responsibility of a business is to set an example for others to follow.

How do we get more purpose-driven leaders who can act on purpose?

  • We need leaders (that’s you and I) who see the bigger picture and understand the importance of creating meaningful contributions to building an experience and a better world.
  • We are all leaders of our own destiny, choosing to lead your own path on purpose and living as a purpose-driven leader will help you focus on this important job.
  • The development of more purpose-driven leaders is a step towards building a more sustainable future and you have a chance to make a difference.
  • Companies do not have to single-handedly save the planet but it is clear we all need to make a meaningful contribution to society not just a profit.

What will be your purposeful meaningful contribution?

3 Qualities you need to live and lead a purposeful life

  1. How can you offer other people hope?

After the 2012 Hurricane Sandy, Tide loaded 32 washing machines and dryer on a lorry and sent it out on the streets so that people could wash their clothes. Tide is owned by P&G whose stated purpose is ‘We will grow by touching and improving more consumers’ lives in more parts of the world…more completely’.

  1. How can you inspire and improve the lives of others?

An excellent example of this is Gaps #OneStitchCloser campaign, employees mentored young women to start businesses that helped others in need and the brand created short films that celebrated those entrepreneurs.

  1. How can you help others to reduce their impact on our environment?

Car manufacturers like Toyota’s Prius, Nissan’s Leaf and Tesla’s Model S, are competing to produce fuel efficient and environmentally friendly models that do not comprise range, comfort and style.

These are all highly compelling qualities that engage the hearts and minds not just the head of your customers and your community. Purpose driven leaders see their customers and employees as members of their like-minded community.

Purpose is what unites people to work towards a shared future. To have purpose is to give meaning to your goals we are striving to achieve together.

What is your purposeful meaningful contribution? Because you have one to make as a purpose driven leader.

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