Janice B Gordon Nemesis of Strategic Goals

Janice B Gordon Nemesis of Strategic Goals
Strategic goal planning is a deliberate long range plan for the purpose of achieving your desires. Depending on the study you reference only 3% to 13% of companies successfully execute their strategies.

Most strategic plans fail not in the formulation but in the implementation. An effective implementing strategy can be a source of competitive advantage, because most people fail to implement do not let this be your nemesis to achieving your goal(s).

Out of your vision comes your strategic goal or goals. It is important to have a clear picture of your strategic goal(s). Your goal must be a full and colourful description, such that anyone reading it will have no doubt about what it will look like, feel, what it will do and be once achieved.

Setting your Strategic Plan is in Essence Knowing:

• Where you are now, define the problem.
• Where you want to be or what is your solution, and
• How will you get there; execute actions for a specific results.

Once you have a robust strategic plan in place, the following actions are crucial to successful implementation. Use your values and priorities as a compass that guides you both in your actions and in your decisions and will ensure you stay on your path.

Strategic planning will help you in not only identifying the most important things to spend your time on but help you to focus on the bite-size achievable actions.

It is hard to accomplish anything without a plan, holding yourself accountable with frequent monitoring of your progress will help you achieve your set measurable targets.

Your plan must embrace all those resources whether people of financial, necessary who control, cascade and communicate your strategy, this is the proverbial rubber hitting the road. The bulk of the work is implementing your action plan and success is found in communicating, executing and reviewing the specific actions

Strategic Plan Implementation Process

1. Where are you now, this is the basis of your benchmark from which you measure your progress ad success.

2. It is important to have a clear picture of your strategic goal or goals taken from your big picture vision.

3. Where you want to be is your solution and why it is important to solve this problem. Your objectives must have specific outcome or result, measurable and time-focused. Prioritise your objectives in order of importance or urgency, such as create a marketing plan by x or growing your Facebook sales a by x% to your business.

4. How will we get there? This is the actions necessary to achieve your objective. Each objective has a list of specific actions required to accomplish the goal. Place a deadline for completion next to each action step and make your timeline realistic and achievable.

5. An important measure of success is in reviewing and adjusting the actions to ensure you stay on course and within budget and time-scale. This will allow you to keep an eye on your progress as you progress each goal.

The reason why many strategies fail is because the owner or executives spend more energy on creating the plan than on the implementation, review and adjust.

It is clear Success = Implement + Review + Adjust then Repeat…

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