e-commerce sell online
It appears that a surprising amount of business does not have e-commerce. According to figures from the European Commission Digital Agenda report, only 14 % of British companies are selling their products online. I (Grishma Patel) attended a […]
Jumping into 2018 - Janice B Gordon
2017 has been a difficult year, full of challenges, self-doubt and indecision. When I look back on it, 2017 has stimulated research, personal contemplation and professional insight. Sometimes, you cannot help yourself and speed the process of change. […]
Customer-Centric Jeff Bezos - Janice B Gordon
  It is interesting that Steve Jobs demonstrated Inside-Out thinking when he said, “It’s no use asking the customer, they don’t know what they want!” This all very well when you have the most talented futurist, designers and […]
If you are waiting until January to start your business growth planning process, you have already lost the first quarter and have put yourself at a disadvantage. All planning takes time, then to ramp up your communications and […]
I asked Cranfield School of Management Associates if they were sales, knowing the question would be uncomfortable. Most micro and small businesses whether consultants, trainers or otherwise, do not like the negative connotations of selling. When I asked […]
Janice B Gordon Lessons from Accelerate
To be honest, like a lot of London based people I looked at International Festival for Business in the past and could not be bothered to travel Liverpool when I have access to The Business Show and Going […]
Janice B Gordon Africolette Campaign Team
First let me tell you I hate competition where you have to ask for votes, they are biased toward people that have established connections, affiliates and networks. That said, it is true in this social connected world that […]
Janice B Gordon Africolette Environmental Impact
Africolette is a clothing collection that celebrates the confluence of African flair with European tailored styling that says confident unorthodox feminine style. The outfits are designed to be worn as one piece or mixed and matched with a […]
Janice B Gordon Nemesis of Strategic Goals
Strategic goal planning is a deliberate long range plan for the purpose of achieving your desires. Depending on the study you reference only 3% to 13% of companies successfully execute their strategies. Most strategic plans fail not in […]
Janice B Gordon Competitive Advantage
Competitive advantage is having a superior performance relative to your competitors. An example of this is Apple’s differentiated expertise in software, hardware, and services. Apple’s vertical integration has given the company its competitive advantage; the company has more […]