Janice B Gordon Africolette Environmental Impact

Janice B Gordon Africolette Environmental Impact
Africolette is a clothing collection that celebrates the confluence of African flair with European tailored styling that says confident unorthodox feminine style. The outfits are designed to be worn as one piece or mixed and matched with a capsule wardrobe to give our customers’ existing wardrobe a spark of colour and style and our outfits and extended life-cycle. The collection is produced locally and sold exclusively on Africolette ecommerce store.

I am so thrilled an investor has offered the entire investment in Africolette. This is incredible news two weeks before the voting closes!

This is a real opportunity for Africolette to make a difference.

The world is facing a critical crossroads with decreasing natural resources, volatile financial structures and consumers challenging business ethics. This is the time to do business differently and I believe like Virgin Unite believe entrepreneurship is the catalyst. Virgin Unite has introduced the Impact Award as part of Virgin Media Business VOOM 2016, it champions and celebrates businesses which create measurable social and environmental impact through their core business model.

Anna Jones states “increasingly, many start-ups are considering people and planet, as well as profit. Entrepreneurs are leading the way and developing innovative solutions, such as green tech. They are also setting up ethical supply chains that are fair for all and giving employees meaningful work in supportive workplaces”.

I believe business must do good to be good, social is not just about engagement, mostly it is taking action and taking responsibility, if we are all to have a sustainable future. Africolette fabrics are of sustainable fibres with our clothes are produced with consideration to the environmental, social impact and reducing carbon footprint. 80% of our team lives and 100% of our production is in East London.  I have exciting plans to use the cut-out from the African fabric and so reduce waste to less than 10%. I know being sustainable is to be future-relevant in a global economy and with our ethical credentials I want to engage our customers to be advocates of our entrepreneurial responsible spirit brand.

Africolette has exciting plans to use the cut-out from the African fabric and so reduce waste to less than 10%. The fashion industry realises they cannot continue to spin fossil fuels into the polyester or other synthetic fabrics. With growing consumer consciousness, the drive towards sustainable fibres cannot be denied. The global eco-fibres (Organic Fibres, Recycled Fibres, Regenerated Fibres, and Others) market size, regarding value, is projected to reach USD 74.65 Billion by 2020 and is expected to record a CAGR of 11.46% between 2015 and 2020.

MIT Centre for Transportation & Logistics provide an environmental analysis of the online shopping, it explores the carbon footprint in different parts of the shopping process, for different types of consumers. The study concludes that shoppers who complete every step of a single transaction online, will have a carbon footprint almost two times smaller than traditional bricks and mortar shopper, who make multiple visits to a store to evaluate, purchase and return items. We are investigating environmentally safe packaging options and ways to help our customer make better decisions to reduce returns.

The UK online retailing created £29 billion internet retail sales in 2012 which was a 300% growth in mobile commerce. UK consumers spend 20% more online than in the US, France or Germany which is expected to increase by 7.6% CAGR source: i2ieventsgroup. Africolette will target a percentage growth in online sales.

Live stream will record our start-up and growth challenges with how to, behind the scene, industry reaction and PR successes to entertain and engage our customers to follow our initiative, share the experience and purchase Africolette products.

Africolette’s Impact is:

    • Giving young people business skills in exchange for their natural digital dexterity.
    • Celebrating our confluence of local culture in a global brand.
    • Investing and supporting local business and community enterprise.
    • Estimated 50% reduction in carbon footprint in online store.
    • Giving women confidence to wear colours to mix and match with confidence.
    • Offering ethical tailored clothing in sustainable fibres classic and stylish for a lengthen life-cycle.
    • Measures to reduce fabric waste to less than 10%.
    • Sharing our start-up story live streaming to encourage others to create ethical businesses.
    • Giving women a unique edge in the boardroom or the gala dinner, with the Africolette ethical clothing style.
    • Implement a Social and Environmental Impact Assessment Process and measure.

The ethos of Africolette is designed out of the rich heritage within the UK.  Africolette mission to ethically bring colour into the lives of women and support the local and impact our global community.

Please vote to support Africolette

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