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I have launched our exciting new Pitch to Rich crowdfunding campaign Africolette.

Africolette is an East London based on-line special occasion clothing retailer. The brand, Africolette is an African collection confluence of African flair with European styling that says confident unorthodox feminine style.

What is Africolette?

The positioning of Africolette Clothing is classic in style with colourful stand out ethnic patterns. We are different because I use tailoring techniques to create lasting quality outfits.  My outfits are designed to be worn as one piece or mixed and matched with a capsule wardrobe to give your existing wardrobe a spark. Our bespoke clothing collection is for when you want to feel distinguished and look a cut above.

It is evident any indirect competition has not woken up to the digital revolution. I see social as an opportunity to quickly gain traction for our brand with an innovative social marketing programme.

I believe business must do good to be good, social is not just about engagement but essentially about taking responsibility, if we are to have a sustainable future. Our fabrics are of sustainable fibres with our products created and produced with consideration to the environmental, social impact and our carbon footprint. 80% of our team lives and works in East London and our production is in East London. Because of my local connections I want to encourage other young people to follow their ambitions. I am a professional speaker and will use this skill to share our story in schools and through business networks

I am up against hundreds of other amazing start-up companies all wanting to get the attention of Richard Branson and raise valuable funds to start or grow their dreams.

How does Voom2016 work?

  • We have until the 23rd May to get as many votes as we can and raise £50,000 of cash through pledging for rewards.
  • It is important to note if we do not reach our £50,000 target then none of the pledges will be claimed from your account on 24th May. It is all or nothing Crowdfunder project.
  • If we are amongst the most popular 160 business in the start-up and grow categories then we go through to the next round where we pitch Africolette to a panel of industry experts in the Pitchathon.
  • Only 40 businesses will be selected to be one of 6 UK companies to pitch live to Richard and win a share of the £1million prize pot and receive awesome support from the Virgin brand.

All this and only three weeks of to get hundreds of votes and get pledges in.

Janice B Gordon benbroomfield-Dockland-Awards

What support do I need you?

  1. Click onto the Africolette pitch and click to register and VOTE
  2. Check out the rewards and you can part with some of your hard earned cash (from £5) you can join the crowd and become a member of the Africolette revolution.
  3. Share the pitch with as many friends and family as you can, ideally with a personal plea to support Africolette.

PLEASE NOTE – The money you pledge will only be taken from your account on 24th May and only if we reach the full £50,000 target, when this part of the process closes.

I receive many messages and comments telling me how Africolette is a great business concept and putting in their clothing orders. Now I desperately need your help to bring Africolette to life.

We have already been approached by an investment company. If we are to achieve the aims of the business I needs a cash injection to help Africolette grow and become a business with impact and influence. I intend to use sustainable fibres and engage in a social entrepreneurship programme, secure local (East London) resources and sell on-line globally.

Take a look at what we have to offer you and lend your support to Africolette with a VOTE, SHARE in the vision, with your friends and family and join the membership with a PLEDGE; go on make my dream a reality.

Thank you to everyone who has voted and pledged your support in invaluable.

Janice B Gordon Voom2016


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