Relationship building is the catalyst for success. People do business with those they like, know and trust. Networking is one of the most productive, ways to build relationships if done well. It serves as a resource to help […]
Getting the optimal results for your business through social media and getting individuals to talk about your business is not without effort. Although social media can be an extremely powerful tool for building the reputation of your business, […]
20 % of your customers give you 80% of your revenue. Businesses must focus on finding their 20%, first identify who they are and speak to them in their language.  Even business2business is about people2people and building the […]
  If you have identified your most valued customers, what are the strategies to secure, to maintain and to grow them? Pareto’s Principle states that 80% of your sales come from 20% of your most valued customers. As […]
Growth Voucher Advice - Janice B Gordon
Marketing, attracting and keeping customers Marketing is the process of identifying anticipating and satisfying your customer needs profitably, this requires you to assess the environment to capitalise on opportunities and avoid threats in your efforts to attract, keep […]
Janice B Gordon Time Planning
You may be Albert Einstein but in this fast paced world there is very little patience for poor time planning skills. Poor time planning leads to poor quality work, missed deadlines and general incompetence; other people may consider […]
sales strategy - Janice B Gordon
  The most important success factor in any business is its customers. Customers pay the business, which pays the salaries, the product development, the financing, the administration, the machinery, the dividend. Without the customer, you do not have […]
Janice B Gordon CPU_Repair Your Business Model
IBM Institute for Business Value Global CEO study reported in 2009 that 7/10 companies were engaging in business model innovation, and 98% were modifying their model. So what is affecting this need to innovate? The economic slowdown. The […]