Janice B Gordon Content Marketing Engagement Strategy Engage
You must adopt social and gain feedback to create the content marketing engagement strategy that does just that – engages with useful and relevant  content. One strategic marketing approach is content marketing, defined by the content marketing institute as a […]
This is a perfect time to think about the client relationships you want to take forward and develop in the New Year. If you are able to differentiate yourselves from the competition, build strong relationships, and deliver high […]
Janice B Gordon Align omni channels
As customers shift more from in-shop to on-line e-store, it is more important than ever to master mobile and on-line channels of communication. In the United Kingdom, two out of three adults own a smartphone, some checking it 150 […]
Janice B Gordon The Internet of Things
Social, mobile and analytics all increasingly the ‘Internet of Things’, becoming the driving forces behind the rapid evolution of digital businesses. Technology moving at a breakneck speed, we cannot forget the customer relationship is central to all business […]
Nathalia Oranger reading Business Evolution
I read Business Evolution Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World and I want to share why I loved reading this book. Janice B Gordon explains difficult concepts in a simple way. She combines her personal and her […]
  Social selling is the use of social media networks to connect, inform, engage and convert prospects into buyers. Social selling helps to answer the prospect customer’s questions and problems with relevant content that helps them to make […]
  To sell you need to find your prospects of interested people get in front of them and engage their interests, so your prospects of possible buyers see what you have to offer that will serve their needs. […]
    Businesses must participate in Digital Marketing it helps to grow the business, to increase revenue, to find and attract customers. For all this, small business owners must have an efficient Digital Marketing strategy. Digital Marketing is […]
Relationship building is the catalyst for success. People do business with those they like, know and trust. Networking is one of the most productive, ways to build relationships if done well. It serves as a resource to help […]