Use-Social-Media-To-Drive-BusinessGetting the optimal results for your business through social media and getting individuals to talk about your business is not without effort.

Although social media can be an extremely powerful tool for building the reputation of your business, half of small-medium businesses (SMBs) do not use social media as part of their marketing effort. A survey of 350 SMBs conducted by Clutch claimed 25 % of small businesses are unlikely to use social media in the future, many companies believe that social media is too time-consuming as a reason for not starting.

Why is Social Media Essential for SMBs?

Social media is an essential communication tool not just for large companies. SMB businesses should also be aware of the need to develop an internet presence for their business and their turnover.
Planning what you are going to say through your social media channels and how you are going to present the information to your audience is not a simple process. It requires a strategic marketing plan and awareness that social media is only part of the whole marketing effort. These tasks take time and must be consistently delivered if you are to get the resulting return on investment.

What are the Three Issues?

1. Who to manage your social media messages, presences and brand development. Will one of your employees? Will you? Will you outsource it?

2. How to manage the content and information that you will feed into your social media streams. What kind of pictures, articles, and videos will you provide for your fans and followers? What will you do in order to encourage further conversation and engagement surrounding your business?

3. When to plan your content delivery, you must find the right timing to post your content on social media. What would be the benefit of sharing content if users are unreceptive because they are busy with other things at the time of your publication?

Amy Jo Martin said, “Social media is changing the way we communicate and the way we are perceived, both positively and negatively. Every time you post a photo or update your status, you are contributing to your digital footprint and personal brand.”

Businesses can Benefits from an Active Social Media Strategy

a) Social media helps you improve your organic search ranking of your website, which means more people can find you and your business.

b) The reality is that online reputation has a direct impact on consumer decisions. For example, if one of your customers expressed an adverse opinion on social media about your product or service and you are not on these social networks, your reputation may become tarnished without you knowing about it. Social media can help you deal with any negative comments and opinions of customers and naysayers. It allows you to respond to public complaints openly, and to get feedback, testimonials and buying signals from existing and potential customers.

c) Social media is an excellent tool to engage with your tribe of potential and existing customers. It keeps your business front of mind so when you potential customers are ready to purchase you are first-in-line.

d) You can use social media to thank your customers and your fans for their loyalty. It is good to show you care and to make your fans feel important and precious to your eyes.

e) Social media allows you to draw attention to your website, your brand, your purpose and enhance your reputation and influence.

I use social media on a daily basis this is my regular marketing effort that support other marketing campaigns. I am on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Plus, Instagram and I use LinkedIn as channels of my strategic marketing plan delivery. Social media helps me to reach many existing and potential customers, to stay front of their minds and to engage with them on a personal level.

A presence on social media is essential for almost all SMBs. It is an instantaneous form of communication with your existing and potential customer base. Social media is a useful means to face increasingly intense competitors, for example, you can use Twitter to track your competitor activity, using the list tool without even follow their accounts.

Clearly social media as a tool to engage customers and increase your influence; is too important in this rapidly change global economy, to be ignored by business. If you know somebody who runs a business and who is not yet on social media, share this article with them. If you are not fully engaged with the social media master just one channel, the one where most of your customers hang out. You cannot afford not to be hanging out with them too!

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