Janice B Gordon Not So ASMThe experience of enjoying a product is made up of the entire physical and emotional customer journey. This is from research and pre-purchase, buying and checkout to the post-purchase experience and after sales service that drives renewal and repeat purchase and customer loyalty.

I would not wish my poor service experience on anyone and for this reason I am sharing my worst service experience in the hope you do not suffer the same with Advanced Social Messenger.

In business, you are judging the risk versus reward and may research all you can but things can go wrong, and people can let you down. When things do go wrong, it is the customer service that can leave a lasting impression of either the making or breaking of the relationship. In fact, when a customer has a bad experience, 59% will cease doing business with you.

This was the breaking of the relationship: Email from Kevin Aug 30th at 11.54PM to Janice Gordon

“To begin with you are responsible for the environment you put the software in. If you have any doubt about your responsibilities, you can read our Terms of service at the bottom of our website. Secondly, I sent you a second code last Friday (28th)

Third, support costs me money. The issues you have experienced are issues you have self-created. This is due to where you tried to set up the software and the time differences between your location and ours.

I will be kind enough to not send you a bill for our support time. Stop playing the blame game take the responsibility for your own ignorance regarding software implementation. A mature person would see this as a lesson that needed to be learned. It is not my fault you are not educated in this direction.”

This was in response to email from Janice Gordon Aug 28th at 6.51PM to Kevin 

“I think I ask for this second key on Saturday 22nd Kevin, had we had the technician could have got both computers running.

I have found this user experience to be very poor. It has taken four weeks to get to a resolution of being able to use the software in certain environments.  I have used more than 8 hours of my time and a month of my licence to sort this out. I believe I should be compensated for this stress and disruption, I would suggest a minimum of 3 months extended licence.”

It is true I live in the UK and I work in a shared office facility- this is all self-created but not unusual.

It is also true that the technician (who showed customer empathy and problem-solving skills) worked remotely on three occasions to get the software to activate, stated “It is a unique issue…I have not seen this happen on two different systems before.”

The terms state:

  1. Advanced Social Messenger believes that it is the client’s 100% responsibility to review Advanced Social Messenger products and services prior to placing any orders with Advanced Social Messenger.
  2. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide the computer environment necessary to use the software.

To what extent can a product be reviewed without actually using it, when there are no instructions or details of the required computer and internet environment critical for this software.

I was a little uneasy about making this commitment to purchase, so I sent questions prior to purchasing to the list testimonials that I found on LinkedIn but I did not get a reply. Jennifer, the promoter gave reassuring answers and promises of support, I realised later she was an affiliate when support was not forthcoming, she then admitted that she also had set-up issues.

Yes this is another lesson in DDWDH ‘Don’t Deal with Dic-Heads’

I strongly urge you not to work with Advanced Social Messenger, unless you want to pay for personal insults.

What is the consequence of a poor customer service experience?

I cannot tell you if this product does what it proclaims, I can only use it in limit environments like cafe shop open networks.  The horrid service experience emotionally biases me. Therefore, it is difficult to give Advanced Social Messenger software a chance.

What is the cost of a poor customer service experience?

I will happily share with whoever care to listen my negative experience I am a blogger and speaker and this service experience, classic response (from the owner and developer) and the lessons learnt has provided me with content I can draw on for many years.

What are the lessons from my poor customer service experience?

Besides DDWDH

  • Trust my gut! There was a reason I was uneasy.
  • Ask the right questions – ownership, affiliations, refund policy, terms, support, etc…
  • There was little social proof, and this did not check-out. Ask to speak to a UK user.
  • We researched the company and could not find much on the web, such as registration, address, telephone number (call it).
  • Although support was offered assume you will receive half as much.

The golden rule in a discourse, the one who get personal loses the debate. More importantly Advanced Social Messenger lost my respect, my renewal and my influence.  My physical relationship with Advanced Social Messenger will end in eleven months, but the emotional one ended long before.

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  1. What appalling customer service! I hope they refund your money… I will put a link to this blog post on my website to warn me readers away from “Not So Advanced Social Messenger”

    Good luck with this!


    • Thank you Drew, if we can warn potential customers perhaps they will not have to suffer the same fate.

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