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What is Great Customer Service Experience?


Janice B Gordon witness great service at Penhaligons's


Great service creates a great customer experience that customer want to share.

It was a privilege to watch incredible customer service. I went into Penhaligon’s Brook Street for a browse when a New Zealander couple came in asking for the perfume matching experience. Nikki Warriner is the manager, and I was mesmerised by her knowledge and customer service skills, I was learning so much about the art of a perfumery that I had to ask the couple if they mind if I watched.

I did wonder if this Penhaligon’s experience was unusual but when I went on Trip Advisor reviews, I read so many great reviews. It is sad that I doubt my own eyes but great service is unusual these days.

As an example of normal poor service, I have a hamstring injury that is causing me to limp, and I want to accelerate its healing as I have a half marathon run in 5 weeks. A friend recommended a local body and reflexology masseuse.

I arrived for my massage appointment at 3 pm and was asked to sit in the lounge, I enquired after 30 minutes and was told because the first customer was late all appointments had run late that day. ‘Why I was not informed when I first arrive and why if a customer runs late did they not finish that appointment on time?’

My appointment started 45 minutes late; the sound proofing was poor, and so the noise from the main salon disturbed my relaxation. I did not get the reflexology as expected which was the reason I booked the massage. After 50 minutes I came out more agitated from the experience. When I complained, the manager said she would give me £5 off my next booking.

Janice B Gordon Penhaligon's perfume table

I learned that Penhaligon’s, perfumers since 1870’s, opened as male grooming barber shop on Jermyn Street. Penhaligon’s hold two long-standing Royal Warrants, the service experience certainly matches the aroma chemistry history.

I was offered a glass of chilled water; it was a hot day while Nikki explained the process. She asked gave each couple in turn for their scent preferences before asking each to sample and select their preferred scent. By a process of elimination, the customer selected their perfume and with each option Nikki explained the history and the aroma elements with tips on how to wear perfume and length of scent.

Penhaligon’s trained fragrance experts will explore the fragrance choices with a particular family and find something that perfectly complements each customer preference. I would highly recommend this experience whether male or female, it is a wonderful gift to a cherished friend or family member. We are lucky that although rare great customer service still exists, and it is accessible for all to experience.

Next week I will talk about the elements of great customer service experience.

Share your worst and your best customer experience.

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