How many times have you failed?

I have, but it always took me to a better place. I have learnt more from my failures than my successes.

I wrote my book about Business Evolution strategies because I wanted to share want I learnt from my business failures.

As a business growth consultant and mentor and I meet many people in business:

  • Those that have failed.
  • Those that are about to fail, which is why they have called me in.
  • And those that think they’re failures, this by far the bigger group.

In life and business, you can learn to embrace your failings and use it to fuel your success.

If you realise that you gain more from your failures, then you would think:

‘Why aren’t we all embracing our failures?’

Many of us are told by your parents or teachers things like, ‘you ask too many questions, stop being so nosey’, ‘you talk too much’; ‘you won’t get on in life with that attitude’.

Then as adults we realise that these are the attributes that create our successes.  Can you imagine a scientist or journalist that was not questioning and curious? Can you image a broadcaster or teacher that was not talkative?

It is important to understand what may be viewed as a failing can be our unique characters that create our successes.

Tony was always in a hurry. If a job would normally take three days, Tony did it in two. He told great stories and always put a funny spin on life’s challenges. Tony had many challenges; some were of his own making. Because he took risks; he cut corners, but always created incredible opportunities.

I’ve learnt from Tony that his failing created his successes. Tony was always looking for the gaps, those exceptional opportunities that most people miss. It was his bending of the rules that he found these opportunities. There are real opportunities in finding the areas where other will not go and having the courage to follow through whatever the outcome.

So often we stop ourselves from pursuing our dreams because it is a path that other people we know have not trod and we fear the outcome. The thing that limits us is that we feel a failure. You remain stuck on the failure while you should focus on the lesson the experience has carefully crafted.

I meet many business owners that focus on what they have not done, what they have not got or what did not work; rather than what they have learnt. And so they miss the lessons, the insights and the opportunities.

I work to create the best of what can happen and look at what the business has got. This is why my company is called The Problem Solver. Entrepreneur and business owners focus on the problem I help them to concentrate on the solution and create the opportunities.

Entrepreneurs and business owners can push the button of the unknown. You have to be willing to break the rules, you have to risk failure, but you will end up in a better place if you learn the lesson and gain the insights the experience gave you. Face your fear and embrace your failures, because this is where the opportunities lay.

I would like you all to join me in failing your way to success. Who is with me?

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