Janice B Gordon - Failing
  John Maxwell states in How to become a successful failure, “to expect failure, to prepare for it, to be ready to turn it into a lesson and a stepping-stone to success. There is such a thing as a […]
Janice B Gordon Speaking TEDx
I remember Sara Blakey, Spanks billionaire, tell how her Father would ask her as a young child ‘what have you failed at today?’ It has left me with the thought that I must try to fail to extend […]
Janice B Gordon - Not Tower Designs
When customers have a bad service experience, in this connected world, customers get angry and even. A recent survey by ClickFox took a close look at what the repercussions are of a bad customer service and found 52% […]
What are the 5 Business Growth Factors?   Most businesses start small and stay small. Small does not guarantee survival and staying small is not normally by design.  Why is it that most entrepreneurs start and invest in […]
Last week I talked about ‘Not so Advanced Social Messenger’ probably the worse customer service response ever, but I am happy to be challenged if you have an example that beats mine. I am a great fan of […]
How many times have you failed? I have, but it always took me to a better place. I have learnt more from my failures than my successes. I wrote my book about Business Evolution strategies because I wanted […]
    Last week I wrote about having the confidence to follow your own path, even when life’s challenges do not work in your favour. Two people can share the same experience but they will both have different […]
Business Failure by Janice B Gordon
Starting a business has never been so easy but does the ease increase or reduce the risk of failure? The economic environment may be improving but the volatility and competitiveness is increasing. Four out of five start-ups – […]
How to move from Business Failure Janice B Gordon
Janice B Gordon talks about her experience in choosing to move from Failure to Success at her Leicester book signing of Business Evolution.She introduces here Essential 4Ps insights gain from her experience in growing businesses.She thanks the people […]
At the Sage ‘Future of your Business’ event last week Emma Jones founder of Enterprise Nation offered tips to start-up and growth businesses. Emmanuel Marchal Acunu.com VP Services and founder of BigDataLondonshared a interestingly fact that London has the second highest […]