How to move from Business Failure Janice B Gordon
Janice B Gordon talks about her experience in choosing to move from Failure to Success at her Leicester book signing of Business Evolution.She introduces here Essential 4Ps insights gain from her experience in growing businesses.She thanks the people that have influenced and supported her and thanked Leicester for the many challenges that gave her a reason why.Business Evolution is for business owners that feel overwhelmed and want clarity to get on their path to success.  Janice shares lots of business insights and practical applications to help break-through the fog.Janice works with business owners who have performance paralysis, overcome barriers and create clear actions to turnaround performance and achieve growth. Here is what Chris B who attended my book signing and posted a review on Amazon:“This book and Janice’s real experiences are not only encouraging and motivational but make you think of your own business or personal problems in a new light, if Janice was able to get herself out of problems, then there is no reason why I can’t do the same.

Easy to read format and nice spaces between lines so that you do not get tired eyes.

I met Janice and she is so full of energy and so engaging you get lost in her eyes as she speaks to you, so open and honest, it was a sheer joy.

Buy the book and let your business climb, I promise you it will be money well spent, more of an investment as you keep dipping into the book.

Thank you Janice, for writing the book and sharing your experiences, plus giving the solutions to all life’s battles.”

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Janice B Gordon: The Problem Solver, Business Growth Consultant, Mentor, Author and Speaker. Janice support business owners to stay on track to achieve their goals; she runs a 12-week a business transformation programme for ambitious, motivated, business owners.

More videos can be found on my Youtube channel : Problemsolvertv1

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