4024698I want to tell you about an Evolution – the global evolution of the power of the customer to choose. Customers have more power to influence and choose where and how they spend their money.The digital evolution has empowered customers and increased their expectations. Being able to meet their evolving demands is critical to creating engaging customer experience. To have a great customer experience you have to know your customer, their wants and needs, their desires, their language and their journey.You have to walk in the shoes of your customer to build the relationship and make it easy for your customers to say yes to your products. Start by understanding the journey your customer goes through to find, buy and enjoy your product. How do you Understand the Customer Evolution? I worked with a customer experience consultancy and learnt that customers are our best creators and improvers and engaged employees come a close second, so collaboration and continuous feedback led by open two way communication is critical. Businesses must seek and listen to continuous feedback.1.    Customers go on a physical journey and an emotional journey to enjoy a product. To exceed your customers’ expectations and meet their desires you must take account of your customer’s emotional and physical experience.2.    Start by segmenting your customers journey into touchpoints, each interaction between the business and the customer, measure and improve each interaction by simplifying or streamlining  the process in a cost effectively manner which benefits the customer.

3.    Get your frontline employees that talk to your customers to record the words, the phrases and the priorities of your customers, if you can understand your customers issues and apply them to the needs you solve this is the essentials of communicating in your customers language, understanding and solving your customer’s needs.

For a particular customer sector when you know your customer cares and concerns, you know their words to describe their issues, understand their priorities, and then you can shape the message that gets across the solution to meet their needs and that delivers value. Businesses must think and communicate differently in an evolving, changing world where customers expect more, so listen and learn.

Technology has given customers the speed to complain and means to praise. Keep your customers close and now even closer because not only can they collectively make or break your business but they can also co-create and advocate for your business. If you can change with your customer demands and remain relevant in the growing global competition you will evolve and grow.

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Janice B Gordon: The Problem Solver, Business Growth Consultant, Mentor, Author and Speaker. Business Evolution – Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World will enable you to identify blocks to your customer transacting business. Business Evolution will give you the guidance you need to evolve your business and exceed your customer wants and needs. Business Evolution will learn to align your business personality with integrity, clarify your purpose and develop your processes for your customer’s pleasure. 

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