1170120I have had a number of consultancy conversations in the last two weeks and the one common thread has been that businesses are focusing on the wrong problem. Business owners are overwhelmed by the number of choices available that they get stuck on the problem and cannot think through a strategy for choosing their best options. The problem is not having a solution finding and an implementation process.Business owners are time scarce and cluttered with the day to day noise of running a business that they cannot get their head above the parapet to see the wood for the trees.So I thought I would write a post about my solution finding and implementation process so business owners can move towards creating a clear path to growth.The first thing is to define the problem you want to solve. It is easy to get hung-up on the symptom and not dig deeper to find the cause. If you solve a symptom the problem still persists. There is my 4D Problem Solving Process© which delivers the greatest benefits to solving business problems:

  1. Define – the problem, issues, causes and not just the symptoms
  2. Discover – questioning, listening and analysis
  3. Dissolve – uncover and develop solutions and improvements
  4. Destiny – commitment to next steps and stated outcomes

The big, scary problem will becomes solvable when you break the solution into manageable bit size steps. How you implement the steps and allocate the responsibilities will depend on the business structure, the only way to achieve the desired result is to apply the solution forming steps.

It is important to paint the picture and communicate the vision of the problem solved, getting buy-in from all people transacting and affected by the problem. Implementing the solution in bit size steps enable the business to focus on perfecting the step they are in.

Much of the work I do is helping to define the problem and painting the picture of success and then to breaking the picture down to logical steps, supporting and enabling the business to manage the process.

There are real advantages in seeking the support of a professional consultant that has the experience to view your business with fresh eyes while bringing additional skills and experience to your team.

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