3 critical benefits of Evolution Janice B Gordon

So often I see businesses that attract customers to their business and then make it difficult for the customer to transact business. Businesses are not aware that their processes are not working for their customers and so are not conscious of how much these poor processes are costing the business and losing customers. As entrepreneurs we make systems and processes complicated. We design processes from our own perspective and so we create systems that are completely illogical to our customers.

Process is defined as ‘a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end’. The result of process is to aligning your business to your customer’s desires so that your customers get what they want, when they want it and how they want it. Process is not about serving the customer’s every whim.

The purpose of the Process is:

  • Being aware of the limits of what your business can consistently deliver.
  • Removing any barriers to your customers doing business with you.
  • Making it easy for your customer to fulfil their desires.

If your customers find it easy to follow the series of steps in the process then doing business with you is easy; why would they go anywhere else?

In Business Evolution I talk about designing processes from the customer’s perspective, steps that your customer find easy to take. I talk through the customer’s journey so you understand the problems that your customers have in transacting business with you. When you understand your customers’ perspective you can remove these blocks in your business. The first block is in seeing the blocks in your business, in realising the steps are not easy for your customer to follow.

In Business Evolution I share my process motto which is: “If it is not flowing it is not going”. I share the process indicators of where there are blocks in your business and I give examples of how to remove these blocks and even exceed your customers’ expectations.

3 Critical Benefits of Business Evolution Process:

1.    Give the customer what they want, consistently.

2.    Gain the commitment to create a transformational business,

3.    Know your starting point and then create the plan of how you can evolve your business forward.

Business Evolution – Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World will enable you to identify blocks to your customer transacting business. Business Evolution will give you the guidance you need to evolve your business processes for your customers ease. In the book you will learn to align your business personality with integrity, clarify your purpose and develop your processes for your customer’s pleasure.

Janice B Gordon: The Problem Solver, Business Growth Consultant, Mentor, Author and Speaker. Janice support business owners to stay their path to achieving their goals; she runs a 12-week a business transformation programme for ambitious, motivated, small business owners.

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Janice B Gordon: The Problem Solver Business Growth Consultant, Mentor, Speaker and Author. Business Evolution – Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World will give you the guidance you need to evolve you and your business and exceed your customers wants and needs.

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