How to avoid the 3 Cs Janice B Gordon


If your mind is cluttered, your business is cluttered and your customers are confused.  Confusion is a barrier to your customers doing business with you. Confused customers are not happy customers, confused customers are lost customers.

I am motivated to help you cut through the clutter and noise and create clarity and focus to develop the growth strategies right for your customers. How you treat yourself is a reflection of how you treat others, this is why our thought and our actions are so powerful.

You are responsible for what you think and how you act.  My book Business Evolution gives you many strategies to focus on the here and now, to de-clutter your thoughts, to change your actions and to WOW your customer and grow your business.

Business is personal and technology allows people to connect like never before. However, to connect with others whether our customers, employees or shareholders you need to connect with yourself first.

Business Evolution is full of insights, strategies and practical application so you can immediately apply the insights to your business. One of the lessons I have learnt where is it?

So often we clutter up our minds with things we cannot control, if our minds are cluttered our businesses are cluttered our customers are confused:

  • If your thinking is about past events, leave it in the past, it is history so put it away.
  • If your thinking is something you can change, then change it and change it now. Get it out of your head and focus on the here and now.
  • If your thinking is something in the future, then why are you thinking about it now, having done your goal setting and planning, focus on the daily actions the current step that works towards the future goal.

Do not let things you cannot control take up valuable space in your head, come back to the here and now. Business is not divorced from who and what we are and the way you relate to others.

I am author of Business Evolution Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World in the book I explain why the “Essential 4 Ps” strategies are relevant in a global economy. If you are a business wanting to grow from the perspective of the customer; which in my view is the only sustainable way to grow your business in this environment, then Business Evolution will show you have to de-clutter your mind and your business to focus on what is important to the growth of your business and that is your customers.

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