CoCreate Janice B Gordon
In my book Business Evolution, I talked about the Essential 4P’s, Purpose being the second P looks at what business you are in and the focus of your business attention. Regarding product, the purpose of your product is […]
Alex Gordon interviews Janice B Gordon
Why is critical to have a mission and purpose, this gives you your direction? Understanding your personality allows you to attract supporters who share your mission. These supporters might be called your ‘Tribe’. Creating a tribe begins by understanding […]
Review of Business Evolution by Minh Nguyen
  The world is changing rapidly a 15 years ago a phone was just a tool to make calls but now it is a sophisticated computer. New sectors of technology have developed like digital marketing apps and new […]
Business Evolution by Janice B Gordon Amazon book
If you’ve ever asked the questions “Can I keep up with the pace of change?” or “What is the purpose of my business?” Business Evolution is packed with powerful tools and real-life examples to help you find the […]
Janice B Gordon Local 2 Global
Small businesses are facing never ending pressure from global competitors, on-line is no longer a distant future it is in every home and must be in every high street shop. It is time to change the high street […]
Janice B Gordon The Internet of Things
Social, mobile and analytics all increasingly the ‘Internet of Things’, becoming the driving forces behind the rapid evolution of digital businesses. Technology moving at a breakneck speed, we cannot forget the customer relationship is central to all business […]
Janice B Gordon Brand You Relationships
    Get Started on Brand You, Set your Intention and work your Network Be seen to walk the walk and talk the talk, visibility amplifies your message. Talking your Brand You statement (see part 1 of Brand […]
Janice B Gordon Brand You Difference
  The workplace has changed and will continue to adapt to market demands. Over 60% of full-time freelancers have chosen this working arrangement and this percentage increases each year according to a study by Upwork. Harvard Business Review […]
Janice B Gordon Talks Vision
Dreams are an excellent visual picture of your potential future, but it is a wish, the difference between a dream and a vision, is that your vision is a dream on steroids, it is a dream with real […]
Nathalia Oranger reading Business Evolution
I read Business Evolution Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World and I want to share why I loved reading this book. Janice B Gordon explains difficult concepts in a simple way. She combines her personal and her […]