Janice B Gordon The Internet of Things

Social, mobile and analytics all increasingly the ‘Internet of Things’, becoming the driving forces behind the rapid evolution of digital businesses. Technology moving at a breakneck speed, we cannot forget the customer relationship is central to all business growth.

Collectively, these trends represent that every business is potentially a digital business. We must be realistic and optimistic and understand that customer’s wants and needs are still the foundation of growing a business digitally.
I worked with a customer experience innovation consultancy and mapped the customer journeys; in this digital age it is a multifaceted and multichannel task. Improving a customer experience from average to something that wows the consumer can lead to a 30% to 50% increase in measures such as the likelihood to renew or to buy another product reports McKinsey.

One way to improve a customer’s experience of your brand is to engage with your customer. Email marketing to say connected, posting blogs to inform and educate, setting up affiliate marketing to connect with customers on other relevant list are some examples.

You need visitors to your website to gain customers and one of the best s to gain visibility is to appear on page one of Google search engine rankings. Search engine optimisation and pay per click advertising are a few ways of attracting people to your site.

Forrester Research one of the most influential research and advisory firms supports “In this age of the customer, the only sustainable competitive advantage is knowledge of and engagement with customers.”

Your interactions must be tailored to the stages of the buying process. For example, new visitors to your website who are in the early stage in their journey should not see pricing promotions, which are instead is offered to visitors who are closer to the buying stage and at the end of their decision journey. It is good to have an understanding of where your customer is in the Customer decision journey, this captures behavioural pathways and attitudes at each stage of a purchase journey. Your potential customer may initially look for inspiration (ideas of what to buy) and then information (product descriptions, reviews, informational bogging content) before seeking ways to purchase a given service or product.

Janice B Gordon The Internet of Things

Digital-channel preferences highlights how a shopper prefers to interact with a brand. These insights come from understanding how customers interact with various digital channels. The low-tech options for retailers is asking their customers “how would you like to receive our quarterly offers?” By Email, Facebook, Post or call? Capture the customer details and always use this communication channel to engage your customer with your offers

Customer Experience is understand the critical moments that compels your customer to buy, their motivating factors and the hygiene (non- negotiable) factors of your customers wants and needs. True customer-experience involves crafting each customer interaction positively.

As Steve Jobs said, “[Design is] not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

I meet many business owners that value the look of their websites but have never considered the usability of the site from the customer perspective, there are few or no call to actions, little opportunity to educate and to engage. The potential customers bounce off the site and quickly moves on to another site that understand their needs and captures engages their attention.

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