Janice B Gordon Brand You Relationships



Janice B Gordon Brand You Relationships

Get Started on Brand You, Set your Intention and work your Network

Be seen to walk the walk and talk the talk, visibility amplifies your message. Talking your Brand You statement (see part 1 of Brand You) out loud will help you to refine the message.  Get started on defining your difference your purpose and your goal and then go get it and here is why.

John C Maxwell said ‘Your network is your net worth’.

Your network of family, friends, colleagues, clients, and customers is your most valuable marketing asset. Tom Peters states your campaign starts with “word-of-mouth marketing”. Your Brand You statement is what you want people say when you are out of the room. You must build your brand consciously nurturing your network. Tell your network what you stand for, (your difference), what you want (your goal) and why you (your purpose and let your network work for you.

Create Power and Influence

Authentic power is about being comfortable with who you are, people will like you for your honesty, if you are naturally colourful or edgy or droll be who you are, the world is tired of ‘grey’ people and ‘grey’ does not translate socially. People will gravitate to you for what you authentically give and share.

William Ernest Henley said “I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul”.  If you want people to see you as a powerful brand personality, act like a credible leader just thinking of Brand You, you are authentically leading You!

What is Your Goal?

Your goal is to be the best you can possible be, to offer your customers, your employer, your partner or your business the best of you.  This means you have to be faithful and loyal to yourself. You want to spend your limited time on earth with people that share your values, that want the best from you and that you want to give your best self. This is investing in being selfless. Investing in your skills, building trusted relationships and delivering your best brings credit to Brand You.

Starting a business is the best education you can have. Similarly, view your career as building Brand You; a portfolio of projects to learn new skills, to gain new expertise capabilities, to grow your relationships and networks and as an opportunity to evolve your brand assets.

Why is Brand You Important in Life, in your Career and in Business now?

Personality is attracting and building relationships in life, in your career and in business is crucial to your success. Personality is knowing who you are to attract what you want.

20 years ago we built relationships slowly face 2 face, in this socially connected world we have to adapt to the new perspective. Whether you are career building, job hunting or gaining clients in business to build relationships you must magnetise your personality to attract the relationships that are right for you.

The negativity surrounding social media is countered by your positive influence, your ability to communicate with more people across greater distances and with increasing speed is incredible. Remember you control what you put out and you can do a lot of good by spreading positive messages socially.

How to Develop a Brand You?

Dr Seuss said “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is You-er than You.”

Although it is hard to stand out in a competitive and crowded market, there is a reason we are all different! As the principal representative of you, you must take the initiative to represent you, for all your stakeholders to connect, judge and buy. The best you can do to influence is to express your authentic self and magnetise your difference, your purpose and your goal.

How do people know who you are and what you stand for unless you tell them?

Humans do not like space and will fill it with assumptions so fill your own space before other fill it for you. The importance of developing a Personal Business Personality/Brand You is:

  • To magnetise your social profile
  • To distinguish your offer from the other similar ‘me too’ ‘me Inc.’ offers.
  • To help other to with the your character and your brand values
  • To build trusted relationship of shared values
  • To show, know, like, engage and trust your business personality.

Revisit your Brand You statement created in part 1 of Brand You and ensure you have consistency represented across all aspects of your brand demonstration.

If you would like to work through practical exercises to assist in creating Brand You read Business Evolution: Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World.

I hope I have persuaded you on the important of building Brand You and promoting your Personal Business Personality – I look forward to receiving your comments.

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