Janice B Gordon Buyers Buy Real People
Selling is the most important skill every business owner, entrepreneur and manager must adopt for the business to progress and stay out of trouble. But how do you know what buyers want? A set of ingenious studies conducted by Stanford’s Zakary Tormala […]
Janice B Gordon Authentic Difference
The way we communicate, interact and transact has changed and will continue to change, this is driven by the internet, accelerating technology and globalisation. I know it is difficult to remain true to yourself when you are being […]
  After 25 years’ experience of working with business owners, directors, managers, consultants and sales professionals. I have learnt that what and how you think directly feeds your actions and behaviour. Mastering your actions to starve your distractions […]
You may have a good understanding of your subject area and be expanding your knowledge every day, but how do you develop your authority and expert status? The first thing to note is that: experts with an authority […]
Janice B Gordon Personal Strategic Plan
  Most people will not bother to write down their goals, let alone share their aspirations with close friends. Instead we drift, wondering why we lack progress and purpose. This is why it is so important to commit […]
You may think your ‘gut’ intuition is not to be trust, that it is not a professional method of decision-making or has no evidence grounding. One of my most costly mistakes can be correlated to not listening to my […]
  I read articles about how personal branding is the promise land and will: Help you to stand out – maybe, but what for? Grow your social influence – perhaps, but what for? Get you more clients – […]
Whether you want more exposure online, to connect with your fans and customers, or work on your online reputation, social networking is a way to build your ranking in search engine results when people search for your name. […]
Janice B Gordon 7-customer-getting-strategies-for-new-and-growing-business-1
You have heard ‘without customers you do not have a business’ – Where do you start? In the late 1980’s I started a business after showing my textile designs to fashion house in New York, they liked the […]
Janice B Gordon Personality
  Personal Branding is defined as the practice of marketing yourself and your career as a brand suggesting that success comes from self-packaging. The aim is that the personal brand will build your reputation and help you to […]