Whether you want more exposure online, to connect with your fans and customers, or work on your online reputation, social networking is a way to build your ranking in search engine results when people search for your name. Think of your social profile as a home for your brand reputation.

There are many social media platforms, invest in the platforms that will help you to achieve your clearly defined objective. Optimised your social presence, ensure your biography and profiles are complete with information such as a clear and concise description of who you are, what your business delivers, your company logo and website URL.

Your social profile may show 5 different side to your personality such as

  1. Less personal information on LinkedIn more shared business insights.
  2. Social fun on Facebook is a demonstration of your values and brand.
  3. Visual on Instagram ‘we want to see what you like.’
  4. Fewer words on Twitter more direct and varied content.
  5. Authorship on Google+ demonstrates your reputation.

If people search and cannot find you on social platforms, they will assume you do not exist on this platform and cannot connect. Make your username logical to the searcher, for example, there are a few Janice Gordon’s in the social space, but there is only one Janice B Gordon my LinkedIn is https://uk.linkedin.com/in/janicebgordon my Twitter is http://twitter.com/Janicebg.

People find my business The Problem Solver (which is more generic) through my name (which is less generic). People are more likely to engage with a real person than a brand logo, for this reason, I recommend you to get professional photos and decide on a social image that you utilise across all platforms. Ensure you name your photo file such as janicebgordon.jpeg rather than IMG00165.jpeg, your picture becomes an easy reference to your name.

Google Authorship links your content to your Google+ profile so that your picture is displayed next to your content in search results, along with a link to more of your relevant content. Google + does a great job of qualifying and giving credit to your blog content.

My social profile helped me to across the Israeli border.

I was on tour to Jerusalem and being the only black person with lots of other Russians you can say I stuck out.  There were lots of guns on display and an unpleasant attitude, “How can you afford to stay in Egypt for six weeks? What work do you do, who do you work for, can you prove it?”  Although I was held up at the border for 90 minutes standing in the hot sun. My social profile helped me out of this situations.  I told the senior guard to put my name in Google. Within twenty minutes I was treated less like a criminal and more like an honoured human being. No further questions were asked, my passport stamped, I joined my group, having been told to come back to Israel for six weeks next year -‘Yeah right!’

You must maintain a healthy level of activity on your social networks if you are to achieve your objective.

  • Don’t just add friends and followers – engage with them!
  • Don’t just join groups – participate in them!
  • Don’t just post updates to update – think about what your connections want to see and share! Says Kissmetrics

Yes, it is time-consuming, but it is more important to think of your objective and then the strategy to utilise your limited time. Select a few groups that are aligned your purpose and diaries your engagement. Consistency is critical to your social profile gaining an online reputation and supporting your personal and business objectives.

Social means being social rather than selling, on all platforms, promote 15% and engage share content offer insight 85%. Be sure to add your social networking profile links to your:

  • Website.
  • Email signature.
  • Business card.
  • Other social platforms.

Pulse is LinkedIn’s blogging application that can increase search engine visibility. Backlinks will get interested people back to your website. Pulse is a relatively untapped content publishing platform; posting can introduce you to a new audience and boost your influence in your niche

Social engagement is an opportunity to build your social profile and your credibility in a new global audience. This creates unknown opportunities and ultimately personal and business growth, which is a worthy investment.

PERSONALITY: Create the Opportunities You Want


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