You may have a good understanding of your subject area and be expanding your knowledge every day, but how do you develop your authority and expert status?

The first thing to note is that: experts with an authority view that people are willing to follow do not hedge their bets with a generalist view, they stand for something. However, it is not about you being right or others wrong, you must have a differentiated view that is making a contribution to the general school of thought.

In truth, being seen as an expert is as much about your self- confidence as it is about the depth and breadth of your knowledge. You must ‘act as if’ and continue to learn from applying your knowledge to master your area of expertise.

Define your Niche or Area of Expertise

  • Do you have a unique and valuable perspective?
  • What do you need to know to confidently present yourself as an authority in your specific and differentiated area?

Knowledge also breeds self-confidence. You can acquire focused knowledge as quickly. Expertise is not absolute, it is relative. Malcolm Gladwell author of Outliers promotes the ‘10,000 Hour Rule’ of practice to become an expert, whereas a qualifying certificate may denote your expertise in preference to hours of experience in some industries.

9 Strategies to Develop your Expert Status

  1. Experts are always in Good Company?

Entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If you are surround by influential people you become influential, if you are part of the inner circle you share either status. Think about your network of colleagues, peers and trusted advisors and connect and engage with leading experts in your area of expertise.

  1. Your Tribe is your Treasure

If a defined group of people are willing to listen to your perspective, follow you and engage with you, then they honour you with their trust.  To maintain the trust of your tribe you must understand their needs and continuously serve them.

  1. Backup your Perspective

An expert knows their subject area history and the main developments so back up your niche perspective with well researched expert sources. Ground your work with noted and trusted experts.

  1. Share your Story

Share your struggle that led you to your transformation and unique perspective. Share the experience and the insights that drives your continuous need for mastery. Your tribe must be able to share your journey and trust they can follow your path.

  1. Demonstrate your expertise LIVE

Your authority status will improve when other experts invite you to demonstrate your expertise live. This will not be an environment you can control and will test your adaptability and expertise in a foreign environment.

  1. Be associated with an Association

Associations are a great way of gaining credibility amongst your peers, because they are pillars of credibility and, just like connecting with the leading experts in your area, attaching yourself to these organisations automatically grants you part of that unquestionable authority.

  1. Package your Intellectual Property

Create a signature framework or module. This is your proven, one-of-a-kind package, system or process that outlines your step by step path to deliver your tried and tested results. Your approach must underpin your unique perspective and everything you teach.

  1. What’s your Why?

It is not what you do that engage others to follow your expert lead but why you do what you do that inspires and motivates your followers. What is important is the difference you want to make and why you must make it?

  1. Take your Online Offline Online.

Offer your expertise offline to develop social proof with visual action images, PR opportunities, testimonials and showcase your expertise and share online to expand your tribe of followers.

Remember practice create deliberate progress, so continue to learn, master and share.

Learn – to gain knowledge and experience, lifelong or continuous learning stops you plateauing.

Master – to practice what you learnt, problem solve to develop a deeper knowledge and experience.

Share – Document your knowledge, perspective and experience. Speaking creates evidence of your authority in your area of expertise, help others to learn from your experience through radio and conferences and published articles help build your authority.

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