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The way we communicate, interact and transact has changed and will continue to change, this is driven by the internet, accelerating technology and globalisation. I know it is difficult to remain true to yourself when you are being bombarded by so much information daily, it is easy to get lost behind an avatar and lose what is important to you, to lose who you are and what you want. In business clarity and focus is everything, it is the thing that your customers, prospects, employee and colleagues want from you, authenticity and transparency is the one thing is that creates trust in business.

I have done a lot of things right, I have also done some things wrong and put a lot of my insights and learning into my book Business Evolution Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World. In Business Evolution, I talk about the guiding principles ‘Essential 4Ps’ Personality, Purpose, Pleasure & Process. I have a Cranfield MBA in Strategic Marketing and worked in customer experience innovation consultancy where I became interested in personal branding, I have been developing these practical strategies for over 10 years.

What is Wrong with Personal Branding?

The promise of personal branding is that people will remember you when you are not in the room.    Being remembered does not bring you opportunities, you want other people to recommend you when you are not in the room. You must transfer something compelling to the memory of those you want to influence and it is not vanilla. It is your unique difference; the thing others can recognise as uniquely you; this is your unique talent and personality.

If you think of branding, you might think of an animal being branded with a hot iron. This is a mark the recognises the animal as part of a similar group and identifies the ownership.

A brand is described as ‘the collection of functional and emotional benefits delivered to an end consumer.’ The best description I have found for personal brand is ‘the collection of your skills and personality that comes through in your interactions with others and the work you do.’ To brand a person you must describe a uniform persona of that person; your personal brand must be recognisable so imagine your personal brand box.    However, it is human to learn and to change so ever person is different every day.  If you box yourself in, you lose what is human, you lose your difference!

How your persona in Personal Branding Holds You Back!

  1. Lack of authenticity – self-promotion for fame rather than for service to others.
  2. You become a commodity – superficiality over substance, numbers of rather than engagement.
  3. Stifles creativity – living in a box limits your creativity as you must be what other recognise.

Given the choice, would you spend your limited energy and talents creating something important and valuable or creating anything recognisable and popular? Personal branding will not celebrate what is unique and different about you, it creates a uniform persona.

A 2014 Cohn & Wolfe study found that 63% of consumers would choose a company they believe to be authentic over its competitors. Authenticity is critical in building trust, developing relationships, distinguishing your difference and creating the opportunities you want. You must be your true self and being different not vanilla. Your unique talent is your unique difference, this is your personality.

You do not have to be a persona of yourself when it is YOU that is configured to be unique different. Personality shows you that it is your unique authentic personality that engages other people to trust you.  Personality is for People wishing to make more of what they have and achieve more with what they’ve got.

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