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There are two problems with not discovering your purpose.

  1. You take on other people dreams, the dreams of your parents, your partners or your friends, you don’t realise that you are dreaming somebody else’s dreams.
  2. You are lured into thinking that the purpose to life is upward social mobility, accumulating wealth and career titles.

Even if you admit to yourselves that you are not feeling fulfilled with these achievements and the trappings of success, you nevertheless cling to the illusion because you think it is all you have and what you know.

You put so much pressure on yourselves to be more than you are, not realising what you are is already great. Your purpose has little to do with what you do and more with who you are. Your purpose is living authentically and discovering who you are here to be.

Why Most People Are Scared of Discover Their Purpose

One reason why you do not take the time to discover your purpose is because even though you may be dissatisfied with your lot, the thought of facing your fears and living your dreams is understandably scary.

Sometimes it seems much easier to remain on the current path and fulfil other people’s expectations of us and not open our hearts and minds to the possibilities, even though this may be the thing we really need, truly want and are here to be.

Living and working with purpose on purpose is a process of self-discovery, and one many of us will never let ourselves uncover.

Shelley Prevost proposes 5 reasons why most people never discover their purpose:

  1. You live from the outside in, not the inside out.
  2. You look for a career before you listen for a calling.
  3. You hate silence.
  4. You don’t like the dark side of yourself.
  5. You devalue the unconscious mind.

Prevost states “To discover your purpose, you must get comfortable with the non-logical mind. You must become accustomed to not having the answers. You must tolerate ambiguity and get OK with struggling. But this is a tall order for most people.”

Strangely enough these qualities are like the qualities of a great intuitive leader:

  • Intuition over facts.
  • Ok not having all the answers.
  • Comfortable with discomfort.
  • Ok with silence, listen not talking

Other people may scoff at, your drive for purpose, it is normal for people to ridicule what is closed to them.  Do not let the shortcomings of others short change your life pursuit of your purpose and meaning.

Great leaders have a clear purpose, focus and vision, they can see confidently into the future. Your purpose is portrayed through your vision, which must be a crystal clear vivid image of your future reality and appeal to your inner self to become all you can be.

Helen Keller said “The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight, but has no vision”.

Discovering Your Purpose

Your purpose is your personal path, that only you can tread, your purpose is not a destination but will become your total life experience and gift. Your vision is the visual representation of your path. Your vision offers you directional clues and gives you something concrete to focus on. This allows you to infuse your mind with clarity about what you really want to work towards achieving in to the future.  Having clarity of your purpose is the catalyst for your confident determination to succeed on your purposeful path.

You are the director of your own life’s play, it is not for any others to judge or dream, it is yours to dream and create.

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