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You must adopt social and gain feedback to create the content marketing engagement strategy that does just that – engages with useful and relevant  content. One strategic marketing approach is content marketing, defined by the content marketing institute as a “focus on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

The focus is on providing valuable content through education, inspiration and information. This content may be in the form of a video, articles, infographics, related images, a podcast, a webinar, and the like. The goal is to remain front of mind and to be considered as a thought leader or a valuable source of knowledge and experience. If you keep appearing your target audience news feeds with valuable content, you will have a greater chance of being remembered and considered.

Adopt Social Listening

To provide valuable content you must know what is relevant and useful to your target audience. To know what is useful you must have insight and this may be gained through social listening. Social listening is the process of tracking conversations on specific phrases, keywords or brands, and then leveraging the insights gained to create relevant content and nurture valuable opportunities for your audience. You must follow your clients and prospects, referrals and business relationships on all their social media networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn, to pick-up on their problems, interests and purchasing needs and to join in their conversation, post answers to their questions and develop content with real insight.

Gain Customer Feedback

How much do you understand your customer needs before you begin a conversation with them? Can you gain direct feedback from your prospects through surveys, interviews and open discussion? The purpose of conducting customer interviews is to discover what is frustrating them and what is important to them. It is not a sales call, but a discovery session. It is critical you talk to real people in the right positions that will be able to provide you with valuable answers or market problems that you can solve.  Preparation is everything to ensure you keep the discovery meeting effective and short. If you are not able to record the sessions, record every word of the answers, it is important you also gain the voice of your customer.  Customer feedback is critical; if you want to be part of their team you must talk like a team member and understand your customer’s perspective.

Create Your Content Marketing Engagement Strategy

Having gained the more insight into the market needs and your customer specific wants and needs, you must create a content marketing engagement strategic plan of action that will enable you to:

  1. Add value to your relationships.
  2. Develop your thought leadership and profile.
  3. Provide the useful and relevant information your clients wants and needs.
  4. Nurture the opportunities relevant to your specialist knowledge.
  5. Solve your client problems and needs.
  6. Develop and grow mutually beneficial client relationships.
  7. Ultimately create more profit as a trusted advisor.

An engaging content marketing strategy is about sharing content you know will engage and influence your audience. The simple fact is; usefulness and relevance combined drives consumption.  How can you make your content compelling for consumption?

  1. Talk with rather than of to your target audience.
  2. Like, comment and share your clients posts.
  3. Curate and share relevant content produced by others.
  4. Join the conversation and add value.
  5. Show that your motive is to be helpful by not following up with a sales pitch.
  6. Do not link relationship building to an agenda.
  7. Be human and use humour.
  8. Make it fun and easy to consume your content.
  9. Be visual stimulating.
  10. Show you personality and lighter side.
  11. Do not be afraid to be honest and state your opinion.
  12. Always be polite and friendly.
  13. Integrate your messages across platforms.
  14. Engage both online and offline.
  15. Be consistent to building build trust.

Great strategic content marketing is an emotional, psychological and physical investment. There is no better way than to be useful and relevant.

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