You may think your ‘gut’ intuition is not to be trust, that it is not a professional method of decision-making or has no evidence grounding.

One of my most costly mistakes can be correlated to not listening to my gut! My ‘gut told me not to trust, but my rational mind did not like the lack of evidence, my rational mind “out-thought” my raw intuition. Have you ever regretted a decision you made based on your ‘gut’ intuition? I bet you have heard others say “I should have trusted my gut.”

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift” said Albert Einstein

How is Your Innate ‘gut’ Intuition Formed?

A 2011 study  revealed how the body is able to speak intuitively to the mind, the experiment in dealing out a card game was published in the journal Psychological Science.  Eduardo Garcia explains it well, “a gut reaction is your body’s millisecond reaction that is the result of all the decisions, experiences, and lessons you have had throughout your entire life.”

Unfortunately childhood experiences can fill you with self-doubt and fear so you learn to switch off your gut intuitive feelings, block the body’s messages and silence your intuitive wisdom.

The intuitive system is more hardwired into the human nature than commonly understood. It is the automatic, thoughtless process that does not require analysis or deep thinking. Intuition or your innate consideration is formed by your beliefs, experiences, and memories. It is this unconscious-conscious learned experience centre that you can draw on from your years of experiencing life. Knowing the source of your ‘gut intuition, why wouldn’t you listen to your reasoned and seasoned wisdom?

4 Strategies Will Help You Tune-in to Your Intuitive Messages

  1. Practice creating space to be aware of your body messages. Try: Yoga, Silent walks, Long runs or meditation to create the space and ask why do you feel this way? Do a body scan and ask – what is it telling me?
  2. Create space in your decision-making and say “let me sleep on it.” Keep a notepad and pen by your bed to capture thoughts as you wake, let your subconscious do the work for you, trust your intuition, relax and sleep on it.
  3. Hone your intuition, you know more than you think so let your knowing intuition through and prevent over-thinking it. Set the clock 30 minutes to consider the information then you must choose what feels right at that time.
  4. Intuition gets better at knowing what is right for you. Practice exercising intuition to sharpen your reading of the body’s messages. Successful decisions creates a positive feedback loop that grows your confidence and believe in your intuitive decision-making.

Knowing that your ‘gut’ is more than a fleeting feeling but the body’s fast reaction to a pool of lifelong experience, lessons, belief and knowledge.  The ability of the body to assimilate all this information quickly and send physical messages through the body is inspired. I hope going forward you recognise this innate ‘gut’ intuition as in-built wisdom.

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