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Fear in Business is Just a Naughty Child in Need of a Boundary

I have just participated in a Sage UK Twitter Q&A about the deal with challenges fear and self-doubt.  One of my answers to a question about overcoming fear and self-doubt was that you do not want to overcome your emotion even if you could. You want to use your emotional energy to propel you forward rather than cut this energy off.

It saddens me that people give up on their dreams not because they are incapable (they may believe this but they do not know it) they stop perusing their goal because they have not found a way through. The way may lead to a method, an experience, a technology, a mentor or sponsor or an insight.

We are taught to fight to control our emotions as children, so as adults we want to win over the difficulties that challenge present. Is it the fear or challenge that stops you?

Some mornings I get up and know I am going to have a great day whatever life presents if I have a challenge or a fear it is not going to phase me at all. However, in another week the challenge or fear may have battered me in the fight we would inevitable have.  I am the same person week to week.

It is important to recognise your emotional fear as a feeling that is not designed for permanence. Fear is not all of who you are, rather it is an emotion that you are experiencing.  Breathing keeps energy moving and prevents you getting stuck in the feeling and being consumed in fear’s heavy embrace.

I have identified the source and the solution: Distraction!

  1. When you have become distracted and lose awareness of your thoughts and self-talk.
  2. When you have lost focus of the big picture and are distracted doing rather than planning, creating and executing the plan to achieve your goal.

When you are aware in the present and focused on the plan, your emotions are working with and for you.  Your emotions and especially your negative emotions are like naughty without boundaries they run riot. Left unchecked naughty children think they are in control.

Clarity of Perspective

Everything that happens in your life, whether good or bad, serves a higher purpose. The clarity created being present and focused help you to see past the moment and perspective gives a greater meaning of the situation, even in the midst of an emotional turmoil.  You can trust transition to the ultimate purpose.

Distract your Thoughts

Negative emotions bind you into recurring negative thoughts, creating downward cycles of negative patterns. Have you ever distracted an angry child with a question? It is a distraction to their cycle of anger and often works. Whenever you are confronted with an emotion which is making you feel or think something bad, use distraction and replace it with an emotionally opposing thought.

Two elements enable you to create emotional balance presence and focus.

You do not have to control your emotions, your emotions are energy that drives you forward with sensational messages and expressive postures. Who would want to conquer and control such a gift? You need to put restraints on your distraction not restrain your emotions.

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