Janice B Gordon Facebook Live 28 June 2017
Failure is just a detour to success­­­. If you have not failed then you are just not trying hard enough You make a mistake; that’s OK it’s part of learning what’s right for you. You have a setback; […]
Business Mindset Ninja Janice B Gordon
  I would like to take issue with the word micro business, I know it is a government definition, less than 10 employees and turnover under £2 million, however, it has created a mindset of thinking small. After […]
Stop Overthinking it! by Janice B Gordon
Stop overthinking it! You worry about what may never happen. You stress over what cannot be even through you really want it. You anticipate problems that do not exist yet. You spend money before you have earnt it […]
Janice B Gordon Impact of Purpose
Last week I asked you to rate whether you are living purposefully? Well here are the seven remaining 12 Principles to Purposeful Living. If you missed the first five you can find them here, and let me know […]
Janice B Gordon -Are you Living Your Purpose
  Living purposefully is living and working with focus such that everything you do has meaning and intent.  You create a life to have impact through your unique contribution. I have work with many business owners and leaders […]
Janice B Gordon talks Sahar Hashemi 6 Entrepreneurial Habit
I have known the Coffee Republic story and the Skinny Candy concept but had never linked the founder entrepreneur Sahar Hashemi with her entrepreneurial story and her recent social enterprise. Change Please trains homeless people to run coffee carts. […]
Janice B Gordon Uncertainty
We all long for certainty. In fact, we are wired to find home in a comfortable place, especially when we live in a world so full of uncertainty.  Certainty is one of the needs that every human has, […]
I have just participated in a Sage UK Twitter Q&A about the deal with challenges fear and self-doubt.  One of my answers to a question about overcoming fear and self-doubt was that you do not want to overcome […]
  Finding your uniqueness and the difference in you, is critical to your progress and growth. Your Uniqueness As Gabrielle Bernstein says “Don’t dance around the perimeter of the person you want to be.” So often we compare […]
Baroness Mone is one of the UK’s most successful female entrepreneurs and founder of international lingerie brand, Ultimo. The award-winning ‘Bra Queen’ built her success on her spirit of determination, self-belief and hard work.  Michelle Mone was recognition […]