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Janice B Gordon Impact of Purpose

Find If You Are Living Purposefully With The 12 Principles of Purposeful Living?

Last week I asked you to rate whether you are living purposefully? Well here are the seven remaining 12 Principles to Purposeful Living. If you missed the first five you can find them here, and let me know if you performed better.

6. Live an Ethical Life

Your ethics are your core values. Like a sailing boat that is taken by the direction of the blowing wind, if you do NOT identify your core values you will bounce from one thing to another, without a purposeful direction. Unless you take the time to identify your core values, you do not have your guiding principles in place.

Your ethics or values are your personal moral principles that govern your standards of behaviour. They come from a variety of places, some are inherited, some are learned, and some are a result of your environment. When you act in accordance with your core values, you will feel happier and settled. When you act in conflict with your values, you will experience inner unrest.

7. Failure your Way to Success

Living purposefully focuses on growth through continuous intentional improvement. If you want success you have to be willing to fail; it’s that simple. All great successes come from those who were willing to act, practice, fail and keep going working through the challenges. Mediocrity requires no change but Success demands it. All results good and bad provide an opportunity to learn, change, improve and develop.

As Tony Robbins said, ‘The past does not equal the future, unless you choose to live there’, so you do not live on failed attempts, you learn from the experience and use your failure as fuel to create a successful purposeful life.

8. Success does not Equal Happiness

Have you ever felt unmotivated even after achieving immense success?  This will happen if your goals are not in alignment with your core values, you are on the wrong path.

It is a myth that success equal happiness, in fact you can be successfully miserable on the wrong path. By success I do not mean anything related to money, power or status. What I mean by success, it is an act or person that is aligned with pursuing one’s highest possible potential, a purposeful path. If you achieve that kind of success, the money, power and status will more likely follow.

“Occupy your thoughts with purpose and you will be so busy pursuing a meaningful future there will be no time for doubt, chaos and disappointment.” Carlos Wallace

9. Make Principled Purposeful Decisions

Your core values are the non-negotiables and provide your inspiration and motivation to follow through even when things get tough. Core values make your decision-making an easier process. Your core values along with self-awareness are all you need to tap into your inner instinct that provide a sense of direction (like a compass), guiding you through your purposeful path. Something either serves your purpose or it does not, your decisions are guided by your self-awareness and internal guiding principles.

10. Banish the Fears that Stop You

Fear anchors your feet to the ground, it keeps you stuck in the past and will stop you from being all you can be. There is fear in self-doubt, worry, guilt and comparison.

Dr Wayne W Dyer describes worry and guilt as useless emotions. ‘Guilt is wasting time thinking about things which you cannot change. Worry requires you to spend time getting upset about things which might never happen.’ You must release the fears the hold you chained to the ground.

11. Follow your Own Purposeful Path

You do not feel the need to compete with others when you know who you are and what you are here to do. You seek supportive, collaborative relationships which are aimed at achieving mutual benefits. Living purposefully on your own path is the path only you can tread, being the best that you can be. When you understand this, you realise that each person is unique and different and that there is abundance, therefore there is no need for competition or comparison with others.

12. Focus on Living Purposefully

Focus purposefully and become energised by your personal mission. Your energy for your purposeful life is what attracts other people to support your mission. If you know your purposeful path and you focus on pursuing it, the energy flows back to you and this passion and focus allows others to ‘show up’ in all aspects.

Living a purposefully life is effortless. You become so certain of who you are and what you are here to achieve, tough decisions are made easy. You feel a great deal of certainty about your life and the trust yourself to make the right decisions and to overcome challenges. Living purposefully brings meaning and joy to everything that you do and a greater sense of fulfilment in your work and life. These 12 principles, will help you to determine whether you are living purposefully or not. If you find that you are not living purposefully, you might want to get out of your way and on your purposeful path.

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