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Living purposefully is living and working with focus such that everything you do has meaning and intent.  You create a life to have impact through your unique contribution. I have work with many business owners and leaders and during my work I have identified 12 principles to living purposefully.  I describe these principles in two parts the first part focuses on you and your relationships and with part two next week.

Here is how you can find out whether you are living purposefully or not, in the 12 Signs to living purposefully.

  1. Happy to be Authentically You

To be happy to be who you are means you must know who you are – your purpose, your core values, your goals and the purposeful path you want to take and the contribution you want to make. When putting your whole self forward you can make the difference you are here to make

The Greek Philosopher Socrates teaches us to ‘Know Thyself’. Personality is something we can consciously develop, like our physical health and fitness. This includes the possibility of stretching your character, your strengths and the virtues that you develop throughout your life. When you know who you are, conflict and decisions become easier to handle, you can consult your own conscience and you take what you believe is aligned to your core values and character.

  1. Be the Best you are Here to Be

To be in the best position to help others you must first be the best you are here to be. You must know what you want and be willing to invest in yourself to master what you want. Max DePree said “We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.”

Learning by doing leaves the most powerful impact and allows first-hand discovery of what you are here to do and what really matters most to you. Self-awareness developed by learning through trial and error is a first step to realising your own potential and your unique contribution to the world. It is not enough to learn it, you must become the master to teach it and share your knowledge helping others.

  • Learning – lifelong study
  • Mastering – lifelong practice
  • Sharing – to teach
  1. Build Nurturing Relationships

We all build relationships from an early age and take them with us as we develop and grow. Social psychology shows us that we tend to have a greater fondness for people like yourself.  However, some relationships are only meant to take us so far. If your friendships and personal relationships are not nurturing, not aligned to who you want to be and not challenging your ambitions. If you are no longer able to add value to these personal relationships then it is time you re-assess your relationship prioritise and change the order of importance. You will find supportive relationships if you give all that you are, you will find people to help you on your path, should you need it.

Renowned businessman Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with.”  Instead of becoming the average of some average people, dip toes in the energising circle with the best. I have certainly had to let go of friends that sap my energy and distanced myself from negative family members. I have thought about what I contribute to my valued relationships, for all relationships are to work they must be mutually beneficial.

  1. It is your Responsibility

This was my Epiphany… a real breakthrough moment when…

I realised I was responsible. I am responsible. I choose my path. I am not an innocent bystander. When you are living purposefully, you do not run away from your problems or blame others for what went wrong. Everything you think, say and do has an impact. Every thought, word and action affects your life. You accept full responsibility for your actions and your results.

Once I took responsibility for my thoughts, words and actions… everything transformed. It happens when you realise that you are responsible, these words can be tough to hear, but once you accept this it is easier than you think to do. It is quite the relief to let go of the need to be perfect, or to be right to let go of ego.

  1. Show Presence and Appreciation

Seize every opportunity, appreciate the day and relish the moment. The only moment is right now. Have appreciation for all you have and all you are here to become.  If you see the beauty in life, your senses are heightened, you see with new insight hearing all the hidden messages. You take the time to appreciate the big and small moments and find meaning in life. This is the true wealth in living a purposeful life.

Out of 10, how would you rate yourself in the first 5 principles of living purposefully, let me know in the comments below?

Look out for part 2 next week and see if you are performing better or not.

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