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We all long for certainty. In fact, we are wired to find home in a comfortable place, especially when we live in a world so full of uncertainty.  Certainty is one of the needs that every human has, according to both Abraham Maslow (Maslow Hierarchy of Needs) and Antony Robbins (6 Human Emotional Needs).

Knowing that we automatically avoid uncertainty explains why any kind of change can be hard. It explains why we prefer things we know over things that might be better for us, but are new and therefore uncertain. It explains why we prefer the certainty of focusing on problems and finding answers in data from the past, rather than risking the uncertainty of new, creative solutions.

Certainty is more than just a feeling, it is an emotional state. When you are feel certain, your mind and emotions are focused and confident on the actions and/or outcome. There is no doubt or uncertainty.  You feel powerful and this is a very seductive state, one that you would want to experience at all times.

Your fear of failure comes from too much uncertainty, you think you want variety in your life, however, when the surprises are unpleasant or difficult you then fear failing the task and avoid uncertainty. Learning that failure is a product of growth and to grow you must move out of your certain comfort zone and experience the uncertainty of change.

When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life.” Eckhart Tolle

We are all living with the same level of global uncertainty. Certainty is what you create. The degree of certainty that you are experiencing right now is what you have decided to create.  Certainty is not bestowed on you from some external source. You create the environment that you are able to prosper from. You decide the level of risk you are comfortable with, you decide whether to change and develop the skill to become comfortable with higher levels of uncertainty. Every day you are assessing risk, whether starting a business, leaving a job, booking a holiday or getting on a train. Not deciding still counts as a decision and this is a decision to remain uncertain.

How to Create Certainty in an Uncertain World

You cannot control the world or anyone in it but you can trust in yourself.  Here is how to create certainty in an uncertain world:

  1. Remember that challenge and change are merely detours in the right direction, if you are open to the lessons that the challenge will present change will happen.
  2. For change to happen recognise that you must be willing to change.
  3. Release your need to control what you cannot control. Be open to the unknown opportunities that the uncertain world will bring.
  4. 95% of what you think and say is unconscious, this is your trusted internal unlimited source of knowledge and insight. Tap into a powerful source within you that can transform how you think and act in your internal and external world.
  5. To change the uncertainty of the external world for something more comfortable, journey into your inner world, and tap into your own abundant trusted reserves.
  6. Failure is not the opposite of success but rather a key component of it, providing that you learn from your mistakes. Failure is therefore only defined as the absence of learning and reflection and this is your choice.
  7. Take 100% responsibility for all your thoughts, actions and outcomes.

Certainty is not found in the uncertain world, certainty is found in your willingness to trust yourself and your deliberate and active role in taking 100% responsibility for your thoughts, actions and outcomes. If you invest in being the best you can be, living your life in your meaningful purpose the uncertain world has less impact.

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