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Janice B Gordon Looking for FAB

Understand FAB and Your Customer Will Value Your Solution

The reality is that customers do not care about your products or services, they only care about you solving their problems and what’s in it for them. You may have heard a customer say, “I really like your product, but the price is just a little out of my budget.”  This argument is never about price, the danger is that you drop your price and undermine your value.

Customers are looking for a solutions that will give them the outcomes to meet their needs.  You must help your customer see that the solution being presented offers real value because it is just what they’re looking for. If your customer is convinced they have found the right solution, then price usually takes care of itself.

You Are Selling a Valued Solution

You are not selling a product or service to fulfil your customer needs, you are selling solution to their explicit problem. This has a value, and if your customer values your solution enough only then will they buy it. Selling value requires you to have an understanding of the justifiable value you offer. The value must be what your customer cares about because you have evidenced how your customer will benefit from your solution. Unless you can deliver this message, connecting justifiable value, your customer has no choice but to view your solution as another price commodity.

Customers are focused on their personal priorities, ‘what in it for them’. Your earlier discovery sessions in getting to know your customer, understanding what keeps them awake at night and discovering what drives their success along with scoping the problem. Through these conversations of asking good questions and listening carefully to the answers; you should have a very good understanding of your customer’s wish list. Now you must help your customer to see that your solution is perfectly aligned to meet their explicit needs.

To be more effective in offering your customer their wish list solution, you must understand your product and service features, advantages, and benefits (FAB). FAB Statements are essential in explaining why your customer should buy from you.

  • Features are performance enhancing facts or differential characteristics about your business, products, and services.
  • Advantages are the features accomplishments. These tend to be factual, and aren’t connected to a customers need.
  • Benefits explain how the features and advantages meet the customer needs and expectations. It connects the facts about your product to a solution for your customer and clearly explain how the Advantage offers a BENEFIT that the customer has identified as valuable.

A huge part of sales success revolves around making sure you have clearly understood what your customer cares about.  If you want to be more effective with your marketing and sales messages, and offer a valued based solution, you must understand your product and service features, advantages, and benefits. FAB Statements are important in helping your customer understand why they must buy from you. FAB sells value over price and supports enticing marketing messages.

Try FAB next time you make an offer to your customer.

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