Social media marketing


In this article, Pirathipa Uruthirasingham discusses the importance of social media in business communication. Businesses must communicate with their customers to increase brand awareness, sales, and to inform the companies mission better. From current research conducted by Campaign […]
anice B Gordon Marathon Motivation to Scale Your Sales
We are competing every day, working hard for our success and personal satisfaction; what do strategic sells have to do with running a marathon? Strategic selling involves your ability to communicate your unique value and competitive advantage to […]
12 Social Selling Strategies - Janice B Gordon
In this digital age, social media marketing has become indispensable for many businesses in competitive markets creating brand awareness. When it comes to building relationships, brand recognition is a prerequisite for attracting customers. Social media can effectively build […]
Janice B Gordon Sales Motivation and Compensation
What demotivates sales reps? Money! Sure, you might think money is the very thing that motivates sales reps! Let me explain. Sales reps are not all cut from the same cloth. Like buyers, they have different preferences, communication […]
Janice B Gordon - The Books I Read
While working out in Morocco this past month; I set myself a challenge to read ten books. For personal development, I read Brene Brown, ‘Braving the Wilderness’ and ‘Rising Strong’. Along with Tony Robinson OBE ‘Loose Cannon’. I […]
Janice B Gordon Millennials in Sales
Forrester, “research indicates that 73% of Millennials are involved in B2B purchasing decisions, their rise to power is largely going unnoticed.” Currently, 35% of the population, a report by PWC states “Millennials will form 50% of the global […]
Janice B Gordon Customer Centric Sales
Customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than companies that apply traditional sales models. 55% of consumers are willing to pay more if a great experience is guaranteed. 66% of consumers who switched brands did so because of poor […]
Trusted Relationships Janice B Gordon
Being real is the key to building better relationships, it is an essential element in business and critical to building trust and sales. I will show you how an effective communication strategy will help you build strong working […]