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I am reviewing my sales process, this led me to look at my story and why I do what I do that is relevant to my unique group of customers and meaningful to my purpose.

It occurred to me that aligning each of these areas will enable me to increase my sales.

  • my story
  • why I do what I do
  • my unique group of customers
  • my purpose

I thought I would elaborate on these concepts in future blogs but today look at how stories can impact your sales.

Why Storytelling Develops a Deeper Connection with Your Prospects

Sherry Hamby, Ph.D. conducted research showing that “even brief autobiographical storytelling exercises can have substantial impacts on psychological and physical health even months after the storytelling, and that by “giving it away,” you can use your own journey to help others on theirs.”

In my work, I talk about how all of us are a ‘business of one’, whether self-employed or employed. This is being your own cheerleader, promoter and fighter and your own source (of happiness, inspiration and wisdom) and resource for others. I also help business owners and sales professionals know and live their purposeful path, make a purposeful meaningful contribution and create valuable impact. Your resilience is strengthened by you knowing who you are, and what you are here to do and be. This account for the story you tell others about you.  However, how do you communicate your story and your experiential stories that will engage and connect and even increase sales?

We all know words are powerful, we can use them to lift other up or put them down; however, words can be used to transform other people’s experience. Stories are word in pictures and stories are words created to amplify a message.

4 Ways Stories Impact Your Sales:

  1. Significant Objects, a literary and anthropological experiment devised by Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn, demonstrated that the effect of narrative on any given object’s subjective value can be measured objectively.
  2. So, stories can not only increase the economic value of your products and services, but stories serve as social proof for your business.
  3. Stories can help you to lower the guard your prospects might have while listening to yet another pitch.
  4. Stories if told well, will increase the likelihood that your audience remembers your pitch months after you delivered your presentation.

In Nancy Duarte’s video presentation for the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Duarte, states that ‘through stories of transformation, we connect from “heart to heart”, and these connections cause us to be engaged, to change, and to act.’

How to Apply Storytelling to Get More Sales.

Is your story:

  1. Relevant? For your story to have value for the listener; you must link it to their problem or concerns and demonstrated the point of the message in their language and on their terms.
  2. Interesting?  Like any good content there must be a hook, something that grab the listener’s attention so they continue to listen, be educated, surprised and amused.
  3. Powered by 3?  The repetition of three is powerful because it makes your message more persuasive, memorable, and entertaining.
  4. Shareable? Use your customer’s words to make it memorable. If your story is relevant, interesting and memorable it is more likely to be shareable, which means more people hear your message and this helps you to establish and build relationships.
  5. Inspiring Action? It is easy to tell the story and forget the point of your message, you story must lead to a call to action. Make is clear what you want the listener to do. The point may be repeat sales of your products, referrals to your business or recommendations of your service.

In a technological age, you can lose sight of the human need to make real connection. Ground your stories in your autobiographical experience, make it relevant, make the message of value to your audience. Your personal character makes your stories memorable so be personable and inspire trust and action. Your storytelling will result in, not only building relationship and getting more sales but will create a meaningful connection.

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