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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we know when our customers were ready with an intent on purchase? This understanding is acquired with research and analysis that leads to informed decisions and a profitable business strategy.  All this is perfectly possible as customer behaviour can be tracked and measured; buyer intent involves looking at signals occurred outside of direct interactions.

If your best prospective or existing customer is one who demonstrate that they are ready to buy your product, unless you understand their buying signals or signalled intentions, all is lost a competitor who does read the signs. As emotional humans we are signalling all the time; our body language and emotions can often betray our word, we also produce digital footprint of what or who we search.

Digital footprints log your online journey and leave behind a shadow of your history, your presence and your future intent. Predictive intelligence solutions look for patterns in these footprints to determine whether and where a potential customer is in their buying cycle. By applying these advanced analytics, predictive intelligence tools pinpoint your company’s potential known and unknown buyers.

By identifying these prospects early in their buying cycle, with messaging targeted to their known and signalled needs, companies can significantly improve their sales results as predictive intelligence is known to have a high percentage accuracy.

Predictive intelligence collects and collate billions of external third-party data from search, blogs, websites, review, online communities, buyers’ guides, advertising traffic and social media activity, all the places where B2B buyers research their products; predictive intelligent will connect this timely data to internal customer data sources such as CRM and marketing automation analytics, applying predictive models to look for past deviations, buying patterns and identify buying signals.

How Can Predictive Intelligence Help You Identify New Business Opportunities?

Understanding that B2B Customers make contact only when they are 70% through their research buying cycle. This information can provide valuable insight into how you must engage your buyers in the buying process and that you must engage them early in their research. Which means that customers are gathering information online and reaching out to peers for insight, this creates a trail of intent.

By tracking with predictive intelligent, you can uncover a specific customer’s needs and precisely where they are in the buying process and then refine the intelligent information and content sent to the known buyers. You can confidently open up the conversation and target the right product proposal to the specified problem or need. This makes it possible to reach out to your potential and existing customer with the right message at the right time.

The benefit of predictive intelligent is that it is less biased toward known customers using predictive modelling and timely data it focuses on external activity rather than internal profiles identifying previously unknown accounts and contacts showing interest in the Company’s products.

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