Janice B Gordon 7-customer-getting-strategies-for-new-and-growing-business-1

Janice B Gordon 7-customer-getting-strategies-for-new-and-growing-business-1

You have heard ‘without customers you do not have a business’ – Where do you start?

In the late 1980’s I started a business after showing my textile designs to fashion house in New York, they liked the samples. I returned to the UK to get more samples and represented other designers, I did several annual trips to East Coast America.

I have run my consultancy business for 6 years. Starting without a website, just a LinkedIn page, I networked and listened talking to as many potential clients possible. Only then did I differentiate my customer focused offer and secured clients through a free initial consultation. Then I incorporated under a new brand and built a website. The business continues to evolve.

You just Get Started and Evolve!

Start talking to everyone about your idea: your business model, your aspirations, your solution to a defined problem, speak to your potential customer or client or referral and suppliers. Unless your idea is a new technological development talk to everyone. This is a great way market testing and refining your idea.

There is no perfection, only evolution. Why because we are living in a rapidly changing world, everything must evolve with time.

Customer Getting Strategies:

I am launching an online course PERSONALITY, to help you identify your unique difference and offer to the world. Customer Getting Strategies involves making yourself identifiable and your offer distinguishable for your unique tribe of clients.

  • What do you stand for?
  • It is identifiable, distinguishable and different?
  • Where is the social proof that you are worth consideration?

The answers to these questions are all summed up in your brand promise.

  1. Remember like attracts like: In order to attract the tribe of customers you want, you need to identify your profile target customers down to the last detail and then craft a brand message that perfectly matches their pains and aspirations.
  2. As a new business, early adopters are a very special breed of customers so get to know you unique tribe of customer before you start.
  3. For a growing business, your customers are your best creators and innovators to, you must continue to build trust and engagement and build an ongoing relationship.
  4. A good starting point to any new business is to tap your existing relationships that you already have trust. Meet with almost every person you knew who might have ties to the business community and ask them to introduce you to five other potential businesses contacts or customers. You might be surprised how generous people are to help and you may even pick up few early customers.
  5. No one has heard of you and you have zero brand credibility so use the credibility of an existing, trusted company. If you are accountants partner with other businesses that already have your clients. Offer this partner a percentage of revenue or discounted rates in exchange for a public endorsement.
  6. How social are you in sharing your brand promise? If no one knows you exit you will be considered an option. Research where your customer can be found and get social online and off-line.
  7. Develop and express your defined knowledge and expertise Tweet, post on Facebook and write blogs. Write a white paper and send it to your target clients and share your unique message. Why not deliver a “lunch and learn” seminar and invite customer prospects to learn about your subject area or send sample to your target audience. Do not sell your company, use these platforms to help people with their problems and share your unique difference.

I will be interviewed on Facebook.com SageUK LIVE Q&A for Janice B Gordon – Secure, Maintain and Grow your most valuable Customers 21st September at 6pm

Look out for Part 2 next week when I will be talking about – How to Maintain & Grow your most Valuable Customers

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