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Review of Business Evolution by Minh Nguyen

Why Business Evolution Changes Your Unique View of Business

Minh Nguyen reviews Business Evolution


The world is changing rapidly a 15 years ago a phone was just a tool to make calls but now it is a sophisticated computer. New sectors of technology have developed like digital marketing apps and new social networks are popping up all the time.

The world is changing and we all must adapt and embrace change to stay relevant. Business Evolution Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World written by Janice B Gordon. It is a guide to help business people adapt and stay relevant.

My name is Minh Nguyen, I study a Master Degree in Marketing at INSEEC Business School in France. I am doing an internship with Janice B Gordon, The Problem Solver.

I had the pleasure of reading Business Evolution and my favourite chapter is Personality. In this chapter Janice quotes ‘The Godfather’ where Al Pacino said “It’s not personal, it’s business”. I realise that your Personality is an essential part of your business.Janice B Gordon Author Business Evolution Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World

But first what is Personality?

Janice describes Personality as your characteristics and your uniqueness which distinguishes you from the other me too businesses.

I particularly like the example given by Janice to illustrate this point. Liz is a virtual assistant, her website had cool colours and typically unfocused descriptions. Janice met Liz, who wore vibrant colourful clothing which reflected her bright engaging Personality. There was a gap between the website persona and the Personality of Liz. The effect was that customers disconnect when their perception is not matched by their expectations. With the help of Janice, Liz revised her website and now it reflects her Personality and her unique values proposition and message. As Liz said “everything has changed for the better in my business”. Why? Because customers could trust the Personality of the business and clear message which represented the unique character of the Personality.

The reason why Business Evolution talks about Personality first is because you need clarity and focus for your business to prosper.

Business Evolution takes you through exercises that will help you to identify your unique characteristics, such as your passions, values, hobbies, inspirations and even your fears. When you read the book you understand how and why your Personality is essential to your business and that your brand will be identifiable and fruitful.

Business Evolution teaches you that through your Personality, you become part of your brand identity and that you are unique and your tribe of customers will engage and identify with you. Then they can know you and like you and trust your business.

I can take the example of one of the biggest brand in the world: Apple. Did you ever seen Steve Jobs in a suit and tie? When Steve Jobs was speaking to an audience he wore his unique style of clothing. Steve Jobs was a perfect example of Personality. His character came through his product innovations and his customers engaged with his philosophy and became his tribe.

Your differences make you who you are, so embrace your unique Personality like Steve Jobs and your tribe will be able to identify with your business uniqueness.

Business Evolution is not only a business book, it is also a motivating mentor. It is reads like Janice is motivating you through the pages. If you feel a little lost, in the dark and you do not know where you are going, reach for this book, I recommend you to read Business Evolution Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World. It will be your guiding light to remain relevant in these changing times.

Business Evolution Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World Book review written by Minh Nguyen available on Amazon

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