Janice B Gordon Minh Experience of Social networking

Janice B Gordon Minh Experience of Social networking

This is a review of my experience of working for Janice B Gordon, The problem Solver; my name is Minh Nguyen and I am studying my Masters in Marketing in INSEEC Business School, France. This was my first professional experience working overseas and the first time working with an entrepreneur, so the environment of work was very different than my previous experiences. I did not go to an office every day, I was given projects and Janice and I met to discuss the progress and improvements to the various projects. I was very independent which I appreciated.

Janice and I created a social media plan and I executed the plan creating visual content, initiating engagement and administering competitions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. I saw how some entrepreneurs had created their own communities on social networks, to share their experiences, products, services to be closer to their customers. I now understand why it is called social networking.

Coming from France, this experience was the best English lesson that I have ever had. I travelled to improve my English language and I am not disappointed. I loved London and working for an English business woman who did not hesitate to help me improve my language skills and business knowledge.  I wrote several articles, attended business conferences and networked with other interesting business people. Working with Janice, I learned

The importance of social networking as a tool to help companies:

  1. Build Brand Awareness and Profile Building
  2. Create Engagement with Customers and Followers
  3. Attract new Followers that could become Customers or Advocates
  4. Promote Products and Services and Knowledge/Expertise
  5. Secure Connections take could lead to Contracts/Customers
  6. Share your Personality to show authenticity and build Trust
  7. Understand your customer preferences, wants and need to give them better experiences.

The Web 2.0 is an integral part of our lives, my experience has led me to understand the power of the social networks. For those companies that do not use this tool are missing many opportunities. Janice has helped me to see how we are all connected each other, wherever we are coming from, the internet allows information and ideas to spread fast.

This experience has opened my eyes as the idea of running my own business is not something that interest me at this point, may be in the future, when I will gain further career experiences. Janice coached me prior to an interview with an electronics company, I know this helped me to secure the job. I will be working in France while I continue my Masters in Marketing.  I am grateful for this experience so much of what we learn in school is not relevant to the fast moving business environment.

Janice B Gordon has taught me that my personality is something that you have not only for your personal life but also your professional life to generate success. As Janice B Gordon said in her book Business Evolution “Putting you personality into your business allows customers to engage with you and your business”. One thing is clear to me, social networking tools are no longer an optional extra in business it is an essential tool for all in business.

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