Business Evolution by Janice B Gordon Amazon book

Business Evolution Amazon book
If you’ve ever asked the questions “Can I keep up with the pace of change?” or “What is the purpose of my business?” Business Evolution is packed with powerful tools and real-life examples to help you find the answers and steer your own path.

To thrive, in business you must align the three cornerstones of your company: You, Your Customers and Your Business:

  1. You and your people (Personality and Purpose)
  2. Your Customers, buyers and investors (Pleasure)
  3. Your Business processes and resources (Process)

I wrote Business Evolution:Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World, to explain the the relevant principles of the ‘Essential 4Ps’.

Modern business has fundamentally changed, it is not about selling in fact selling has become a dirty word. It is about Attracting and Building business relationships, but how do we do this?

The people we are naturally attracted to you are more like you than unlike you. Essential 4Ps taps into being, finding, attracting, communicating and pleasing more ‘people like you’. In business you must magnetically attract your customers, to do this you need to magnetise our personality.

The ‘Essential 4Ps’ are your guiding business principles to gain business alignment and give your business that personality that will attract more like you.

  1. Personality asks ‘who are you and what is great about you?’ How can people identify with you until they know who you are, Personality helps you to uncover your values and character that you want to be identifiable. It is the underlying currency in a global economy to help customers identify and engage with you and your business. Personality determines your core values that become your authentic promise to your customers.
  2. Purpose enables you to clarify what you do that no one else does in the way you do it (for your customers). We are all unique and different. This is your WHY, your reason for being and doing. It is your existential purpose and answers the question “what business are you in?” It is our unique view that you offer the world. Some people will be attracted to our unique view and others will not, not everyone is our customer and rather than have a scatter gun you want people to self-select you. You do not want anyone, you want the right one because the wrong one only cost you money.
  3. Pleasure prepares you to understand and to serve your customers desires, wants and needs. This is establishing the relationship. Ask and you shall receive, many companies do not enquire their reason for being, how they are doing and how they can do better – it is crazy! The aim of Pleasure is to involve your customers (and employees) to align the strategic goals with your customer’s specific needs and expectations.
  4. Process positions your customer’s central to your business, so they get what they want, when they want it and how they want it. Your business processes must align with your company purpose and your strategic goals; Process must be made ready to consistently deliver. Process must meet your customer expectations and very occasionally WOW or surprise your customer.

Why the Essential 4Ps?

Your company competes in a crowded global market and as the representative; you are the first presentation of your business that customers, suppliers and stakeholder meet, judge and buy.

Tom Peters  said in Fast Company magazine, “All of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called you.”

  • Being You – personality
  • Being your best you – purpose
  • Being your best you for your customer – pleasure
  • Being your best you for your best customer consistently – process.

In a socially connected global economy, you must engage with your customer and your business process must aligned with your purpose.  Essential 4Ps will reduce complexity and improve transparency. The 4Ps will give you the confidence in presenting your declared purpose making you accountability to your purpose, your customers and your business. Essential 4Ps gives you the freedom to operate within a framework of your authentic business purpose and achieve higher goals for your customers.

I will be book signing and speaking at #SageSummit, make sure you get a signed copy at the event or order your copy of Business Evolution on Amazon.

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