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Janice B Gordon Relationship Building Sales

7 Strategies to Building Lasting Sales Relationships

Janicebgordon Relationship Building Sales

So much of our communication is non-verbal, and if you are not able to see the physical messages, the words can lead you off track. For this reason, you will get better results in face to face meetings.

Face to face selling is no more than a mutually beneficial conversation with the aim of building a relationship. Most people like talking about themselves a salesperson conducts the direction of the conversation.

For the best Results you need to Understand your potential Customer and Organise your Plan of Engagement:

  • Not everyone is your best fit of ideal and most valued customer, so decide who is
  • Research your potential customer before arranging the face to face meeting.
  • Get noticed before you contact them; this could be through LinkedIn or a trade magazine.
  • Know your customers wants and needs, walking in their shoes to build the relationship will make it easy for your clients to say yes to your customised offer.
  • Know your value that is relevant to your customer specific problem.

There is so much information easily available, so it is inexcusable to speak to potential clients having not done some research so present an offer that is tailored to your customer specific needs.

Once you have the meeting, send a personalised agenda then prepare and practice your short presentation. It is not about you; it is all about the client. Demonstrate you have done your homework but never be too confident of your information that could be out of date. If you have one hour booked, 80% of the time you should be prepared to question and to listen and then specifically tailor your presentation to make it relevant to the customer’s current answers, to show that you have heard and understood.

7 Strategies to Building Relationship, Direct the Conversation and Close a Deal:

  1. Make a Connection, (be yourself) record source of referral, highlight background and context; build rapport & engagement before your pitch.
  2. Understanding the Customers wants and needs, business and situation (ask and listen only).
  3. Research and Understand (walk in their shoes) your customer’s environment, STEEP, SWOT, you may be able to introduce new ideas having a fresh view.
  4. Refine Offer, (Q&A only) sense check, time sensitive only show the customer what is relevant to their situation.
  5. Ask Permission, to make an offer “are you happy to move forward?” “If I could present X so that you could Y, would you be interested?”
  6. Tailor your Solution, (pitch) to the customer, wants and needs, using their language, be transparent, time sensitive, state your unique value that is relevant to your client.
  7. The Follow-up, (buyer remorse) build the relationship and continue the journey.

Remember it is a relationship building exercise, it may be unusual to make a sale in the first few meetings, however, if it has gone well do not do a rain dance, remain cool sign the contract and shake their hand and tell them what happens next. Always deliver or over-deliver on your promises.

Even if it is a one-off sale or no sale, the relationship could bring you many more opportunities and the prospective customer could become your biggest advocate, continue to develop the relationship.

Let me know how you get on with my method of face to face relationship building.

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